South Beach Diet is a new age which is invented by Arthur Agatston from the warm south palm beach. There are already tons of reviews who have stated their satisfaction with this diet. Although this diet works for some people, it is not for everybody. One of the reason is that the first phase of South Beach Diet is very restrictive and is really hard to follow. But if you have get through the first phase then the pathway becomes as smooth as highway. Here is my South Beach Diet review:

South Beach diet is praised heavily by its followers because they think this diet is healthier than other fad diets such as cabbage soup diet and lemonade detox diet. South Beach diet promises a loss of 13lbs within two weeks which is very lucrative for most dieters.

There three phases of South Beach Diet. The first phase is the hardest where dieters are restricted from foods with high glycemic index such as rice, grains, bread, candy, potato, cereals and sugar. Phase 1 will last for at least fourteen days. The South Beach Diet promises that dieters will lose belly fat in this first phase if it's done correctly. I have to say that I indeed lost 6 pounds in two weeks and I also noticed a lesser love handles in my belly. But it was not an easy task! If you look at the type of foods restricted you will notice that most of them are in fact our daily staples!

In phase 1, I turn to whole wheat pasta and grain as my main source of carbohydrates while depending on some meals replacement bar and fish based dishes as my source of protein.

Then in the phase 2, slowly we are allowed to eat more foods which are restricted in the first phase. Needless to say, this phase was easier for me although the serving size of formerly restricted food should be small. Several foods such as sweet, white bread and potato are still restricted. The choices of fruit which should be consumed according to the guide are fruits with low glycemic index such as banana, grape, apple, and pear. I have no problem with these fruits as they are naturally sweet and refreshing!

We are supposed to stay on phase 2 until we reach our desired weight. I lost approximately 1 - 2 pounds in a week while I was on phase 2. The phase 2 felt did not felt like a diet since many of the previously prohibited foods were allowed. Nursing mother, teenager or children are advised to directly go to phase 2 instead of starting from phase 1.

Phase 3 of South Beach Diet allow three servings of whole grain meals and three servings of fruits in a day. What differ this from phase 2 is the amount of whole grain and fruits which we are encouraged to eat. In phase 3 it's even less restrictive! Phase 3 is meant to maintain your weight and should be done for lifetime!

My conclusion for South Beach Diet Review is that while South Beach Diet is hard at phase 1, it's indeed rewarding in the end. Once you have finished the hardest part (phase 1), the next phases become easier consecutively. Don't be discouraged if you feel it's hard to stay on phase 1. I know that it's indeed hard! You can always gradually start from phase 2 to get your body used to the South Beach Diet before moving to the phase 1 before continuing back to phase 2 and 3.


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