StrawberryExcessive craving for sugary snacks or other fattening foods have often shattered our weight loss diet. Since craving is unavoidable then there's not much sense in trying to curb it by using appetite suppressant pill.

While occasional craving is perfectly all right, I often find myself snacking excessively following the first bite of that Cheetos. If you are not the type of person who can't resist temptation like me, then you may not need this trick since occasional mars bars won't make you fat instantly. There is one trick I always use to curb my excessive snack craving.

I always use the "fruits" trick before I snack. The trick is simple, you should find one fruit that you like best and eat the fruit before you go snacking. You can continue snacking afterward. Most of the time, I felt that the impulse of snacking was not as strong as before I ate the fruit. This is because we give our brain time to overcome that 'rebellious' emotion. When we are on diet which restricts some of our favorite foods, our brain tends to lead a rebel supported by those restricted foods.

In my case I use strawberry since it is easier to eat than apple and orange. The taste is great and the size is small. In fact, snacking strawberry resembles snacking for chips for me. In conclusion, name your favorite fruit; keep a stash of them handy; eat them before you eat your snack! Good figure good health good life!

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  1. shern's mom said...

    ya, sometimes when i crave for something to eat, i'll just grab a fruit. but not always though.
    unlike you, i have zero self-control. lol.

  2. Jean-Luc Picard said...

    I must admit I never crave for foods (except cheese!)

  3. Ellen said...

    This tips makes sense and I will definitely try this and see if it works well for me.

  4. peter said...

    Yes. Strawberries are wonderful. I like to eat simple and easy to eat fruits for snacking. I try to avoid stuff like chips as it is bad for my health and leads me to a pimple outbreak.

  5. Scotty Snacks said...

    Great advice, Cherry! I got a fat stash of watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, green grapes and mangos in my fridge right now, just waiting for my belly to beg for those cravings. I am not sure if it is just me but it seems as though I tend to crave more at night than during the day.

    Oh yeah, and, Jean-Luc Picard, throw some cheese on that ?????!


  6. The OE said...

    Ice cream is the bane of my existence. I'm trying to break off the Hagen Daz by shifting to Soy Dream (green tea flavor) for a cut of 500 calories per container. I am an addict. Please support me in my rehab.

  7. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comment,
    Captain Picard, you can be considered lucky since you never crave for batty stuffs.

    Shern's mom, how's your son doing? I bet you also like grape like Shern

    OE, I was also in your shoe when pasta, pizza and lasagna were my life support. I would prefer Green Tea to Haagen Daz, not only because of the taste but also the price.

    Ellen and Peter: thanks I am glad that you also agree with me

    Scott: You got quite a load of fruits there. And yes I also crave more during the night, especially on a deadline night.

  8. Health Freak Mommy said...

    I do the same thing too. When i crave for junk food, i quickly munch on an apple, or grapefruit or drink 1 full glass of water to fill up my tummy first, then only indulge in the junkies.
    I love strawberries too but they are very costly here.

  9. Cherry said...

    I consume the local strawberry here, around US$2 for a box containing 20 - 30 strawberries.

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