Cream and non skimmed milk are two of dieter's biggest sins. However just like all sinners, I could not resist having another piece of occasional cream based dish. As some of you might have observed, I have a fetish of Japanese food. While temaki is practically easy to make, it can't satisfy my cream craving! Chicken and salmon doria had never failed to satisfy my appetite.

Both of them are not Japanese dish, however they are highly popular in Japan. Most likely doria dish are originated from Italy judging from the heavy cream usage and its resemblance to pizza.

Basically doria dish is rice with fried(or baked) meat(seafood or chicken or both) covered with thick "pizza like" sauce (bechamel sauce). Although doria dish is creamy and heavy in calories, I have modified the doria recipe so that it becomes "less sinful".

There are three crucial elements in making doria dish which are rice, topping and sauce. The rice should not be overcooked and stick to each other. If the rice is too sticky, the rice will resemble half porridge by the time you take it out from the oven. For the topping, there are a lot of choices from chicken to shrimp.

I prefer to use salmon and chicken breast, since both of them are high in good fat. Salmon does not add any carbohydrate which is good since doria dish use rice which is high in carbohydrate. And chicken breast just fits perfectly into this dish.

I also use vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, parsley, and onions. Alternatively you can use shrimp, mushroom, squid and other meat. Think of what you can put as a topping in pizza, the amount of choices are endless!

The third part is the sauce which is known as bechamel sauce. Bechamel sauce is the common ingredient of lasagna. I have tried with skimmed milk and the taste was awful, so there's no getting around in this. You will need to use non skimmed milk for this part.

How do I make this dish less sinful? By using brown rice and sticking with salmon and chicken breast I have reduced the amount of carbohydrate significantly without disrupting the taste.

Ingredients (2 servings):

200 gram of cooked brown rice.
100 gram of salmon fillet
100 gram of chicken fillet
30 gram of cottage cheese/gruyere/cheddar
20 gram of margarine
30 gram of onion
Salt, pepper, tomato and parsley to your preference
Olive oil to fry

Sauce (2 servings):

250 ml of milk
28 gram of butter
two tablespoons of all purpose flour
a teaspoon of salt and black pepper

Or just use instant bechamel sauce to save the hassle of cooking the sauce.


1. Preheat the milk but don't let it boils. Keep it ready nearby
2. Cut the fillet into random pieces which are small enough to be eaten
3. Heat the olive oil and margarine and fry the fillet
4. Put the fillet neatly over the cooked brown rice
5. In separate saucepan, heat the butter and onions on medium heat until the butter is melted and add the flour
6. Stir the mixture continuously for 6 minutes and add the hot milk slowly

7. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes smooth and pour it to the rice slowly
8. Don't soak the rice but make sure a great deal of the surface has been covered with the sauce.
9. Put the cheese on top of the rice then sprinkle with salt and pepper
10. Bake it in the oven at 180 Celsius until the surface is brown
11. Ready to be served! Sprinkle with chopped tomato as illustrated in my photo.

I spent around 50 minutes preparing this dish and I did not regret it at all. The taste was so savory and creamy enough as sinful dish. It's kind of eating pizza but with rice instead of bread.

The big chunks of salmon and chicken also taste wonderfully tender. With the brown rice and the correct choice of meat we can reduce the carbohydrate significantly as displayed by this Salmon and Chicken doria. It's not as sinful as fast food anyway :).


  1. Ellen said...

    Nice recipe. It looks so delicious too. If I add more flour and milk then it will look like pizza right?

  2. Scott the Diet Sinner said...

    mmm, mmmm, that sounds sinfully delicious! I want to try it!

    I have a new meal to share with you, Miss Cherry:

    My friend and I went to grocery last night and she suggested shrimp tostados! They were awesome and they are so easy to make:

    -packet fresh shrimp (remove tails and slice)
    -2 small limes sliced for squeezing
    -2 or 3 avocados sliced
    -1/2- 1/3 yellow onion sliced
    -cilantro sliced
    -salsa (few spoonfuls or more)

    Combine sliced shrimp with all ingredients, squeeze limes over the mixture (put dab of Tabasco and salt to desired taste) and serve with tortillas (or eat plain with no extra complex carbohydrates)

    Talk about eating good in the neighborhood, no cooking and/or heating up the kitchen, simply clean, peel tails off, slice everything up , mix and Walla! Try it, you're gonna love it!

  3. Anonymous said...

    I thought this was the Doria biscuit. And this dish is similar to Japanese pizza in a way. Tasty but heavy

  4. stubsy said...

    Sounds delicious, I am going to start a fat loss blog soon I might use some of your recipes

  5. Ernie said...

    Any idea how long I'll have to peddle my geek-cycle in order to burn off the calories in your Doria dish?

  6. Vic Grace said...

    I am a creamaholic I like it on or with anything. This recipe is just right for me

  7. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Wow... the doria dish looks delicious. I hv a fetish for creamy dishes too like lasagnia and creamy pastas and my no. 1 weakness is cream puffs, esp. Beard Papa's cream puffs. I can easily chomp down 3 at one go, just need to exercise harder and longer the next day.

  8. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments.

    This dish resembles pizza due to the bechamel sauce which is a common ingredient in lasagna and many pasta dishes.

    The recipe which Scott shared sound less sinful and delicious. All of the ingredients can be found easily. I will try it soon Scott. Thanks! And if I am not wrong, it will taste better when it's chilled. Correct? Or are we supposed to eat it warm?

    This dish is not that heavy in calories compared to many fast food, so 20 minutes of intense geek cycling should do it.

    I am glad if you like this recipe, this takes some times to prepare but really worth it.

    Papa Beard's cream puff? Luckily they don't sell it here so I don't have to exercise harder :)

  9. Scott said...

    Yes, mam, Cherry, chilled is the way to consume it (especially out here in the blazing HEAT!!).

  10. Janet said...

    That looks great! I've made bechamel with skim milk before, I add a tsp of chicken bouillon to give it more flavour... works OK.

  11. Cherry said...

    Sounds great Scott. It's also getting hotter here but very cold at night.

    Glad to have you back Janet. Wow, I never think of adding anything to the milk-flour mixture, thanks for the tips :)

  12. cheesywee said...

    doria!! one of my favorite dishes!
    this looks really good! I wonder if it would be weird if I added chunks of steak in it...

  13. Cherry said...

    Probably not too weird since the steak will be covered in cream anyway :)

  14. Mr. Person said...


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