Cold Green Tea SobaAfter finally having a proper 8-hour sleep for the first time this month, I feel better although my body still feels a little bit peaky. What I need, aside from a refreshing drink, is a refreshing meal which is low in calorie but still taste wonderfully refreshing in this summer. Low calorie meal is of course the most common guideline of all weight loss diet. My choice today would be a refreshing Cold Soba.

Soba is a noodle made from buckwheat. Soba is considered as one of Japan signature dishes beside sushi. Because it is hard to produce high quality Soba in my home, I won't be posting in detail about the process of making Soba. But I will focus on the health benefit as well as the sauce recipe. My favorite is the cold green colored Soba which is called cold Green Tea Soba Noodle.

The next time you stop by Japanese or Asian Food Restaurant, make sure you rummage around the menu until you find the cold green noodle picture. Unlike most noodle which is served hot or stir fried, Soba can be served hot or cold. My preference of course is the Zaru Soba or the cold Soba. It is more refreshing for me, especially when I am a little bit unfit.

Soba is made from buckwheat and very soft in texture. Just like other Japanese food, Soba promotes great health benefits. Soba fits perfectly for dieter since Soba is low in calorie but high in protein. As a comparison, the amount of protein in Soba is more than one and a half of the protein in white rice.

Buckwheat, which is the main ingredient of Soba is also good for reducing fat accumulation and contain better health promoting attributes compared to other vegetables and fruit.

Approximately, 114 gram (a cup) of Soba contains around 113 calories based on Calorie Counter.

Thanks to internet, I can easily find my Soba ingredients online. One of the shop that I always use to buy all my Asian food ingredients is Asian Food Grocer. They have a large selections of Asian food ingredients at rock bottom price.

The recipe for making Soba is similar to cooking a noodle. However there are several procedures which you need to undertake in order to have great Soba.

Ingredients for a basic Soba:
Instant Soba (Green Tea Soba or White Soba)
Instant Soba Sauce
Bamboo Mat (not compulsory)

Boil the water and put the Soba in the boiling water
Reduce the heat so that the water is simmering instead of boiling
Cook until 5 - 6 minutes depending on the instruction on your noodle package
Drain well and prepare a pot of cold water
Put the noodle in the cold water and then drain well
Cool for a while in refrigerator, serve cold

Restaurants use special plate which has hole in the bottom so they can insert ice below the noodle however just refrigerating will do. For the sauce just prepare according to the the instruction listed in the sauce bottle, as every sauce has different instruction.

You can find the ingredients in the Asian Food Grocer. They have a wide range of Japanese and Asian products at competitive price.

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  1. Frank & sisters said...

    Your blog is very interesting!
    Please, send me the photo of your pc desk and the link of your blog.
    I'll publish on my blog!.
    Thanks Frank

  2. shern's mom said...

    errrrrm, i looooove soba so very very much.

  3. Ellen said...

    Same here, I enjoy Soba so much but I never knew that it has so many benefit!

  4. Scott said...

    mmmm, sounds tasty, I have never tried, I will be on the lookout!

    p.s. glad to hear you are feeling better!

  5. The OE said...

    I'm going to try to get 8 hours of sleep right after...I...zzzzzzzzzz

  6. Janet said...

    Hi Cherry - Never had Soba, but that is definetly something that I will try, and maybe post on my site.

  7. Janet said...

    I thought I'd also share a link to great looking cold soba recipe on another food blog that I really enjoy:

    Closet Cooking: Soba

  8. Cherry said...

    Janet, thanks for sharing but that one has wrong portion in my opinion. It's too much, mine probably just 1/4 of that :). Yeah, please do try, make sure you get the best soba noodle though.

    Thanks for the comments folks, I never know that you have a knack of Japanese food, Shern's mom.

    Yeah OE, but 8 hours sleep is out of question today. I won't be able to sleep properly, too much work. How's thing in secret agent industry going?

    Thanks for the encouragement Scott, I am also glad that I feel better. However I need to finish some jobs now :).

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