ear staple lose weight50 years ago, the idea of piercing your tongue may be bizarre, but nowadays such piercing has become usual. Ear piercing may also be usual, but ear piercing for weight loss is not the everyday piercing that you will see.

For today freaky Friday, I will write about a weight loss staple which will put piercing in your ears which are supposed to make you lose weight. The inventor, Dr. William Burrows, would not reveal his secret on how the staple works. And it sounds very shady since the only information that could be gathered was that this staple utilized a acupuncture method to make us lose weight.

Dr Burrows must be making very good money from this since he claims that he has stapled approximately 30,000 innocent ears in fourteen years. But again it might be that his credential that delivered so many people to have their ears stapled, Dr. Burrows has a degree as a doctor of chiropractic, Bachelor of Science degree in anatomy, and holds an acupuncture certificate. But still there's not any scientific back up of having your ears nastily stapled will make you lose weight. Let's find out more about the side effects, result and cost.

Dr. Burrows claims that most people who get their ears stapled will lose staggering 10 - 30 pounds a month without any exercise! Although Dr. Burrows cannot really guarantee the amount of weight lost since literally the heavier you are then the more you can lose. Weight loss staple uses a small surgical stainless steel staple which is pierced in your ear so that it stimulates the effect of appetite suppression. Of course you will lose weight then, since you won't feel hungry. But doesn't it sound nasty?

The metal staple is placed on the stomach point in the ear, the stomach point will send a signal to the brain saying that it's full resulting in lose of appetite. There's not any notable side effect according to Dr. Burrows save for few beneficial side effects such as eliminating sugar cravings and curing diarrhea and constipation. This sounds too good to be true, but there are several die hard patients who testified for KFOR.com. Brenda Garett testified that she lost 10 pounds within a little over a month.

How much does it cost? If you are going to sacrifice your ears to be stapled then it is going to cost you US$50 to pierce one ear and US$70 to pierce both according to his website. The amount of ears that he has pierced indicates that around 15,000 people (assuming one people get piercing for both ears) were desperate enough to lose weight. Geez, in my opinion the piercing looks nasty and I don't hate my appetite that much! Heck I am not that desperate to lose weight. If I have to choose between pooping in my pants and having my ears pierced then I will gladly choose o poop in my own pant. This looks nasty even though it works. And the side effects might not be apparent now.

Anybody want to get their ears stapled? This is Dr. Burrows website.

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All the information above is derived from this website except the bit about my opinion.


  1. Ellen said...

    Sounds great. I will pierce my ear and starve myself to death lol.

  2. Angelina said...

    Judging from the picture, it must hurt a lot!

  3. Suicidal sam said...

    maybe its cos of the pain from the piercing that is causing temporary weight loss.

  4. Anonymous said...

    This is an interesting story, I've never heard of someone who makes a full time living through stapling someone's ears.


  5. The Riddler said...

    A very interesting article Cherry! Got to say though for years I have struggled with my weight and am currently nearing 200lb's. I know I have a problem but the thought of having one of those staples stuck in my ear in order to loose weight, well I guess I have no chance as this guy wouldn't get within 10 metres of me with his staple gun!
    That has got to hurt? No two ways about it, what if it gets infected? Ear infections have given me some of the most unbearable experiences of pain in my life and I am going to pay $75 and take the risk? I think not.
    Basically I think they are cashing in on desperate people in desperate situations who really do want to believe that there is a way other than healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle that can shift the pounds.
    The one thing I have learned on my rise up to near 200lbs is that gaining weight is easy loosing it was never ever meant to have a simple solution to it, which tells me that a simple staple is not going to work, for me anyway.
    Guess I had better get back to my Atkins diet before too long at least being a self confessed bone cruncher I won't be suffering to much.

  6. sydney said...

    That's interesting. I am about to get my ears pierced soon. Also planning on getting my tongue done. :)

  7. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Interesting news, never heard of this b4. Must be darn painful!

  8. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments folks. Regarding infection although there's always the risk, it's been said in the website that it's virtually non existent. But yeah as if I need a prospect of infection before I voluntarily offer my ears to be stapled. There are some people who vouch that they lose weight, good for them.

  9. Lady Rose said...

    Can just use the point as a pressure point - hold it tightly for a few minutes a couple of times through out the day - not that I'm against ear piercing (I have three holes in each lobe) - I just don't think it will work for weight loss.

    The theory behind it which is accupressure points is some what ok - but I dont think piercing is necessary.

  10. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the suggestion Lady Rose. It would be a hassle if someone has to take away the piercing if he thinks that the appetite suppressant effect is too much.

  11. shern's mom said...

    ee, that looks freaky ugly.

  12. Anonymous said...

    This ear piercing for weight loss I tried back in 1970's--so is nothing new. Everyone was trying it then--did not work for anyone that I know. It did hurt! Waste of $50 then too.

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