This Friday edition will not highlight an utterly strange pieces of products but I will highlight instead a creative product idea. Although this product is bad for diet but I still admire the creativity as well as the ability of the company to create such delicate product.

The product is an assortment of chocolates carved beautifully as flowers. Is eating chocolate healthy to both our waist and body? Are all kinds of chocolates the same?

A company called Flowers to Eat offer a wide selection of "flowers" to eat. As you can see from the pictures, they are incredibly cute and adorable. And this company is smart by providing this kind of service since grooming a real flowers take a lot of places and time. Of course carving chocolate into flowers cost less than growing real flowers. And Flowers to Eat also prices its products at a premium price!

Chocolate if consumed moderately promote a healthier body, especially if it's dark chocolate. However many chocolate and snacks companies snatched this piece of research and start promoting their chocolate products by claiming their products as a healthy chocolate.

Consuming dark chocolate can indeed bring several positive health benefits such as improved glucose metabolism and blood pressure. although this fact is backed up by research, you should know that the research only used pure cocoa in the study!

The fact is that many of the chocolate products which are sold to us are made from processed cocoa. Processed cocoa means that the only actual cocoa content of the products are less than 20%. The rest of the ingredients are corn syrup, hydrogenated cocoa, food coloring, etc. So consuming pure chocolate based products is indeed good, but that kind of products won't be easily available especially in huge city.

That's also the fact with Flowers to Eat. It's not clear whether they use pure cocoa or processed cocoa but they are sure to use a lot of food coloring! Although I admire their brilliant idea of using ice cream cone as flower vase( see the right picture, it's $58), I would really still not consume their "flowers".

But sure I would love to receive some of these fancy "flowers", they are such adorable! Too bad they only have very limited shipping coverage!

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  1. Ellen said...

    They are incredibly cute! Just like artwork instead of chocolate! I am sure my kids will love this.

  2. Angelina said...

    The one with ice cream cone as a vase is cute! Wow too bad it's only available in the US.

  3. Scott said...

    Oh, that's freaky (and tempting, too)!

    Have a great weekend, Miss Cherry, take care.

  4. stubsy said...

    Interesting info about chocolate. I heard if you eat enough it can get you stoned but you'd probably explode first

  5. John Kaiser said...

    If you are interested the company that makes Sweet Perfection also makes chocolate bars using sweet perfection.

    The chocolate bar has only 2g net carbs and 14g of fiber. Wow.

  6. Lady Rose said...

    The all fruit creations are wonderful - fresh fruit made in an arrangement with a few chocolate covered strawberries! We got for our supervisors birthday last week. It is a great gift and she was thrilled and proudly carried up and down the hallways showing it off. We all got to sample the fruit - delicious. As long as you dont eat ALL the chocolate covered strawberries yourself or in one sitting at least - it's a pretty healthy gift. A tad expensive - but worth the splurge for some one special.

  7. Cherry said...

    yeah it is freaking expensive, but somehow look very grand! I am sure your supervisors will be delighted with such beautiful gift.

    If I ever receive this I would be happy enough without eating it :).

    Thanks for sharing Sweet Perfection Choco Bar John, just hope it still has the bitter chocolate taste instead of just plain sweet.

  8. April said...

    That's a buch of flowers I would love to receive. Although I don't think they would last as long as the real thing ;)

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