cookies and cream sprayDo you crave every now and so for those gravy topped mashed potato? Do you have an endless craving of cookies and cream flavored ice cream? If you do then here's a way to satisfy your craving without inflating your waist (Well, that's what the inventor hoped).

Invented by David Burke, Flavor Sprays™ are claimed to satisfy your craving. Since the sprays just contain aerated flavor, then there's no calories or fat in the spray. The idea is by spraying these sprays, you can help satisfy your craving without actually consume the foods that you crave, thus you will not gain weight.

There are more than 30 flavors available ranging from classic flavors such as pop corn butter and smoked bacon to sweet and sinful flavors such as chocolate fudge and banana split. By spraying the sprays to your favorite foods, you can make your meals taste different. Try spraying the root beer float flavor spray to your skimmed milk. Voila, here comes your low calorie high protein root beer! These fancy sprays are priced at € 6.95 at the Germany portal.

Of course if you add an ounce of creativity to this spray then the possibilities become endless. For instance, you can spray the gravy flavor to your body and help everybody to satisfy their craving. You can also spray the maple flavored spray to your pillow and enjoy a good night sleep with that maple scent on your pillow. Of course you can also spray your spouse with the Peach Melba flavor and have a kinky fat burning sex. After all sex helps you lose weight, adding zero calorie flavors would do more good than harm anyway!

In my opinion these sprays are great additions to weight loss diet but I am not going to try it. I love foods the way they are and I can't stand eating foods which don't taste like they are supposed to. The idea of eating vegetable sandwich with invisible bacon makes me shudder already. I hate the idea of adding more unnatural additives to my foods also. Our foods may have already contained food coloring and other additives, I hate to add another additives just for the sake of taste.

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  1. Janet said...

    I agree with you on this one Cherry. If you are really craving Cookie's and Cream ice cream, I think it would be FAR better to just satify your craving with a SMALL portion of the real thing every once in a while. Plus, unless you spray the stuff straight into your mouth, you have to put it ON something... and that might still make you gain weight, if you eat too much!

  2. Wayne said...

    I can imagine this becoming more of a hit in the sex industry than in the diet industry. The smell of my favourite foods are not enough to fullfill my cravings, I need to have portion samples to do that!

  3. Scott said...

    D@mN girl, that's freaky! Not too sure if I am down to spray it, per say, but it does sound like quite the diet treat. What will they come with next?

    ..sip, sip, sippin on some sizzurp

  4. Sherry said...

    I had the parmesan flavor and it tasted awful. But the bacon one was good although I was not accustomed of having fake bacon in my salad.

  5. Cain said...

    I love the idea but don't think it would work for me. I have to have my tastebuds tickled by food to have any affect on my cravings.

  6. Debbie said...

    I think it sounds great as something to flavour things like at BBQ's or sweet sauces as a pudding topper, but as far as helping with diets? I am not convinced!

  7. Dee said...

    Interesting post, Cherry. I don't know if smell and flavor will be enough to satisfy cravings.

    Keep up the interesting posts :)

  8. peter said...

    It's amazing how big this diet thing is on the economy. Maybe I should get into the business.

  9. Peter said...

    It's amazing how big this diet thing is on the economy. Maybe I should get into the business.

  10. shern's mom said...

    sounds dodgy to me.
    some people might just spray the bacon into their mouth. quite funny don't you think. but that's definitely a very interestin post. good job cherry.

  11. Cherry said...

    I'd rather have a small portion of the REAL thing. When I am craving something, it's better to sooth it with the real thing.

    Well some people obviously find these sprays useful. The reviews for some of the flavors have been good. At least this does not cost much.

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