this is not Alli pillHere we come again at another edition of Freaky Friday. Today edition highlights an ordinary diet pill with extraordinary side effects. Although diet pill is not something you call "freaky" this hyped diet pill really fits into the "freaky" category. A few months ago, FDA review panel gave their approval to the new diet pill, Alli. The review panel said that the health benefit outweigh the risk according to the review panel.

Alli is classified as the over the counter diet pill. This means Alli can be sold without prescription. Alli was released with a great marketing exposure gaining publicity amongst the dieters and non dieters. GlaxoSmithKline, the company who produces Alli, emphasizes its marketing campaign with smart approach of offering 'reasonable solution' for weight loss. The campaign stated that Alli is not a magic solution however Alli will only work if it's accompanied with good diet. What makes this pill freaky is the fact that one of the side effects may cause you to poop in your pant.

According to Mike Adams at Newstarget, people who took Alli only managed to lose 1 pound over a month which is not sensational at all. While the claim was that Alli can help you to reduce additional two to three pounds for every five pounds you reduce. Alli works by blocking your body from absorbing 25% of the fat you eat.

As an illustration, let's use salmon sushi which has 200 calories per ounce serving. If I take Alli then I would be able to reduce the calories to 150. So I could save 50 calories just by consuming Alli. But does it worth the side effect?

The company does not hide the fact that Alli can cause unpleasant side effects. They have stated in right in the campaign by saying that Alli would work if you also follow a change in lifestyle (low fat, reduced calorie diet). In other word, if you don't do that "lifestyle change" then you may be subjected to the side effect which may force you to poop in the pant. Taken from News Medical, Alli comes with a warning label which says "wear dark pants and bring a change of clothes with you to work until you have a sense of any treatment effects."

What makes this more ridiculous is the fact that a lot of people don't seem to mind about this nasty side effects. Well I don't think losing weight equals to having that funny smell and having to change pants. Just imagine when you have lost few pounds then your colleagues start treating you like a walking dung robot. Imagine having to sit on your office desk and then finding out that your bottom feels a little wet!

Of course, some people think that this potential side effect is NOT SERIOUS. As highlighted here, the author thinks that Alli side effects are not serious although they are uncomfortable. I guess personal preference matters here. One thing for sure, I am not going to try it.

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