Peking Duck SkinI got tagged by Shern's Mom to share my favorite food. This all around the world food tag was started in hope that many of the participants will share their favorite foods all around the world.

However it turned out to be Food All Around Southeast Asia since all of the participants love Asian foods (including me). I will try to tag people who probably love non Asian foods in order to prevent this tag renamed to "Food All Around Asia".

My piece of favorite is the famous Asian food, Peking Duck. Although obviously, the one which I usually eat is not as great as the real Peking Duck in Beijing. Peking duck is also not a good choice for my waist and my cholesterol if it's consumed too often. But since Peking Duck is expensive here, people only eat it to celebrate a special occasion. It's not meant to be everyday dish but as a special dish.

Peking duck is high in fat and sodium but also incredibly delicious. Although it resembles turkey, it's served in a completely different demeanor. Turkey is served in its whole state and then being cut into pieces in the table while Peking duck is served as three completely different dishes which can be customized before it's served.

curry Peking duckFirst the chef would serve the skin, onion and a little fat wrapped in tortilla. This is the most delicious part of the Peking duck which I usually save for the last. The second part is the meat which can be served in many choices according to our preferences.

It can be cooked with garlic and butter or kung pao style (sweet sauce) or many other forms depending on the chef's ability. My own favorite style is the curry style which is healthy and tasty since the chef usually includes tons of vegetables in the curry. The last part is the soup which is made from the bone. It is served as dessert instead of appetizer.

Peking duck is a delicate dish which is not possible to cook at home since it requires a long and complicated process. First the duck skins must be dried and then cooked in a brick stove. The duck must be dried and hanged for long period of time before it's ready to be cooked in a brick stove.

chinese green teaAlthough it's high in fat and definitely unhealthy if consumed too often, I don't at it very often. It's like once in four months and I also drink a lot of green tea while eating Peking Duck. I can drink more than 10 glasses of green tea while consuming Peking duck which is beneficial to my body to offset the bad effect of Peking duck.

I believe I have done a pretty detailed job to explain my own favorite food. I would like to tag Scott, Fasy, Sean, Janet,Foodette and Lady Rose. I am curious to see more foods all around the world and if any of you who are not tagged want to participate in this tag just inform me and I will add your links to here.

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  1. Lady Rose said...

    I'll get right on it this weekend! :)

  2. Scott said...

    Oh snap! I have been tagged again! Thanks, Cherry, I would love to play!

  3. Janet said...

    Hi Cherry - Thanks for tagging me, I will for sure participate... but I will want to make my favorite food from Canada, take pics and post the recipe... so it will have to be next week... I can't believe I've waited this long to post my ALL TIME favorite food!!!

  4. Ellen said...

    I have tasted the real one in Quanjude Restaurant, Beijing. It was huge! One peking duck can be made into 120 tortilla slices!

  5. shern's mom said...

    thanks for doin the tag. interestin how you can gulp in 10 glasses of green tea while eatin yummy peking duck. ya, a bloated tummy can make you feel fuller and eat lesser of the duck. a ha.

  6. Cherry said...

    Great to see you guys fired up to continue this tag :)

    I can't wait to read your entries

  7. Lady Rose said...

    My favorite food post will post July 10 (bright and early) -- had to get your review in first and the chocolate meringue cookie recipe and a few other posts were scheduled too - so trying spread out everything so each post gets some top at the top of the page!

  8. Cherry said...

    No problem Lady Rose. Take your time :). Thanks again for giving review and especially the recipe!

  9. Sean said...

    Thanks for tagged me in this post, I am still thinking about what food to share, haha... so will write later.

  10. Cherry said...

    Don't worry Sean, Take your time

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