Weight loss and ideal figure is closely connected with exercises. Weight loss and exercises are two sides of a coin which can't be separated. You can lose weight through a change in eating habit but you will have hard time maintaining it if you don't do proper exercises. Developing exercises habit is hard, it is possibly harder than maintaining an eating habit.

Once you have decided yourself to go to gym or purchase those thousand dollars fitness equipment, the easiest part is already over. But chance is you can only stick with your new habit for a few months.

And if you think buying yearly gym membership rate or purchasing $3000 equipment is a sure way to keep you motivated then you are wrong. It's hard to stay on weight loss exercises consistently and it's easier to just quit and enjoy a little "holiday". Here are the five attitudes which in my opinion are essential to your workout success.

1. Gym is better than home!
Personally I was Gym-phobic when I first started my exercising habit. I was ashamed to go to gym since there are a lot of people with better figure there. So I figured out I would do fine by purchasing an expensive stationary bike along with some exercises equipment as seen on TV.
Heck, I quited my exercising habit before I can call it break even. Loneliness and boredom are the main threat for home exercises. Some people might do fine by exercising regularly at home, however for me and a lot of my friends, gym is better.

2. They are not healthier, they are just good looking!
After a few sessions on a gym I found out that my gym-phobic was based on silly reasons. True, there are a lot of people showing off their great figures especially in the changing room. But that does not mean they are healthier than me, I don't know what kind of foods they eat or whether they take any forms of drugs? There's no reason to be ashamed of myself. At least I know that I am forming a healthy habit through healthy exercises and eating.

3. Aim moderately!
One of my favorite class is the stationary bike class. I was inclined to quickly lose weight, thus I ended up exhausting myself in the class by setting the pedal level to the maximum. I could not exercise for a few days in order to recover my sore thighs afterward. When you are doing weight loss exercises, you should aim moderately. Find your own comfort level and don't push past there yet. Allow one or two weeks of exercises before you start pushing yourself to the next limit. This way you will be in business for long time.

4. Write a schedule!
Although writing a schedule seems silly surprisingly it helped me to stay on track. Don't just write "24 July, 6.00 PM exercise 30 minutes". Make it as descriptive as possible! A good schedule looks like this "24 July, 6.00 PM Salsa class with J.Lo - 30 minutes". Although there seems to be no difference, you will have a glimpsing picture of yourself in the training session when you are reading a descriptive schedule. This should helps moving your feet to the gym.

5. Take a hot bath!
Every exercise we do is an achievement. We all know that it's not easy to drag our feet into the gym so why don't we reward ourselves afterward? I am not talking about another scoop of Ice Cream but I am talking about a good relaxing hot bath. Go and take your time in the bathroom, don't forget to feel the body's part which you have trained in exercises, you will feel that your muscles in that part are a little firmer. It's a rewarding experience, soaking yourself in a hot bath with a feeling of satisfaction. This kind of feeling contributes on your renewal gym membership.

Do you have any pointers or experience to share? Feel free to tell me about it!


  1. Ellen said...

    Number 5 is brilliant! I rarely take the time to throughly enjoy myself with a good bath after a fitness session.

  2. Scott said...

    Although it is so fricken blistering HOT out here in Las Vegas, NV, I like a HOT bath, too (I go in my hot tub frequently but, lately, I have been setting the temp to about 80 instead of 100+). I like massage, too ;) .

    As always, great points, Cherry. I think that getting on some sort of workout/diet schedule is perfect for your health just as it is perfect for your daily work and play routine. With a schedule, we practice discipline and tend to stick to our goals, dreams and aspirations.

    It is not easy but sure is healthy!

    This ain't McDonald's but, ba-da-ba-ba-ba, I'm lovin it!


  3. Janet said...

    Those are all good points, Cherry. I've always had trouble motivating myself to exercise. But I joined a gym in Sept 2006 and I've been going EVERY DAY since. I allow myself only one day off per week. Part of what has been helping me this time, is that I hired a personal trainer. I see her twice a week, and she helps me stay focussed.

  4. Online Recipe Collections said...

    I workout a lot, this one's for me. Thanks for sharing this man.

  5. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comment folks. I couldn't reply earlier due to my health condition. apparently I need to stop exercising for a while :(

    I agree with you Scott, a hot bath is always relaxing despite of the hot weather.

    Thanks for sharing your tips Janet, you have a good point there. Personal trainer helps tremendously although I don't hire one due to the expensive cost they charge me here.

  6. Sean said...

    Normally I workout in alternative day, this can let my body has time to recover. I like to join classes as well, because classes really can motivate you to exercise more ^^. After my workout, I'll go for steambath instead of sauna. I heard that sauna will cause your skin dried.

  7. Cherry said...

    If you are starting it's not recommended to go to gym everyday since you need to give your muscle a time to get used to this new habit.

  8. Health Freak Mommy said...

    You're right, w/o exercise, it is very difficult to maintain your weight. Weight loss aside, I find exercising really beneficial for the mind, body and soul. I exercise 7 days a week. With exercise, I get to eat anything I fancy w/o gaining any weight.

  9. Cherry said...

    Hi Health Freak Mommy, nice to see that your body is adapted to 7 days a week exercising. I often skip exercising on weekend though :P

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