Forgive the lack of update today since I am having a bad influenza today. My body is peaky and I can't seem to focus on the monitor without feeling drowsy. My eyes are always watery and I can't seem to think properly. Perhaps this is because my body is suffering from lack of sleep these past few days. And the worse thing is I can't take any day off due to the high amount of clients whom I have personally admitted before my sickness.

This short post today will highlight the contest which I have entered a few days ago. Why do I bother to enter this contest? Because this contest is easy and does not require an offbeat post. I participated in Daniel's Blog Project: Three and submitted my past post about Top Three Worst Cities in USA for losing weight.

The contest is simple enough since all you have to do is to write a post with the number three. And since many of the entries are awesome, I will post my top three favorite from the entries. These are superb and entertaining post which you should check yourself.

Three reasons why I hate diet by Joey
3 Things I Miss About Being Fat by Anna Farmery
Three bad foods that are really good by Graham

Those three posts are the posts which I personally enjoy and find them entertaining. The winner of the contest is determined by the number of link back amongst contest participants that each entries have. Right now I am only at number 7, so a few more link back would do great! I really need to have a rest now.


  1. Scott with just what the doctor ordered said...

    Take rest, Cherry, I hope you are feeling well soon.

  2. Janet said...

    Sorry your not feeling well... hope your back on your feet soon!

  3. stubsy said...

    Hope you feel better soon, I tagged you look

  4. Cherry said...

    Stubsy, thanks for tagging me but I have done that tag in this post.

    Thanks for the encouragement folks, I feel better now as I finally have a good rest. However the amount of work is still heaps.

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