Jack Sparrow DietPirates of the Caribbean series may have come to an end, but the clumsy, happy go lucky character of Captain Jack Sparrow remains in many people's heart long after the movies ended. I am not smoking anything when I wrote this entry just in case you are wondering. Aye, there are a couple of things about weight loss which we can learn from Jack Sparrow character without developing a symptom for scurvy or madness either.

1. Stand out from the crowd
More often than not, Captain Jack's decision was labeled as controversial by his crews. His offbeat nature and partially drunken state always leaded him to make a decision which was unorthodox. It turned out that his decisions were accurate (well at least all turned out well). He stood out from the crowd and made the decisions which he deemed as correct.

Unless you are living in Atlantis you will find that your surroundings don't really facilitate your weight loss diet. People often sneer when they see us being extremely picky in ordering foods. Our decision of changing our lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy is often deemed as waste of money by others. The presence of fast food joints every few blocks does not help either. Jack Sparrow teaches us to stand out from the crowd and stick to what we believe is true. With enough luck (and rum as Jack said) we will achieve our goal.

2. Be Active
Jack was man of action. If he wasn't busy running away or swimming frantically on the sea then he must be busy yelling at his crews(well, at least when he wasn't under the influence of Rum).

Be active as well and go burn some calories off. You can take a hint from the movie and start a regular swimming session (perhaps that will give you Johny Depp body, who knows). Make an exercise schedule and don't let laziness overcome your body.

3. Don't follow the Pirate's diet
Although real pirates and seamen eat hard tack, we rarely see Jack Sparrow and his crews did so. While what Jack and his crews ate is still a mystery, it appeared that they looked quite healthy throughout the movie. The only conclusion is Disney must be providing them some good foods.

Many seamen and pirates on that era depend on hard tack (rotten biscuits with maggot inside which you need to tack against the table to weed out the maggots). Many of them developed scurvy and other nasty diseases as a result of sticking into a type of food for long period of time. Take heed that fad diets such as lemonade diet, cabbage soup diet or American Heart Association Diet are not healthy, especially if you do them for a long period of time.

4. Persistence
Jack Sparrow's plans have often gone devastated. He was put in tight situations for countless times. It was persistence that led him to achieve what he wanted to achieve from the start. He lost his ship, got stuck at the end of the world and got into other trouble as well but he never gave up trying.

Persistence is the key to a weight loss diet success. Diet is a long term journey with more downs than ups, without persistence then you are not likely to make it. I find the SOW trick really works for me in building up my perseverance.

5. Excessive alcohol is bad
Unless you want to be able to start a lengthy conversation within voices in your own head of course. But that is not a bad idea to pass time anyway.

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  1. Wayne said...

    What a brilliant way of looking at aspects of weight control! I got to thinking that I would rather see facts written down this way than what I read in those boring leaflets.
    The facts stick a whole lot more when the association with Capt Jack is made.

  2. Ellen said...

    lol, gotta love the analogy! I love the scene where Jack is having a conversation with his illusions. He has gone off his rocker. Too much rum perhaps.

  3. Cain said...

    Oh the thought of those biscuits with maggotts in them is truely making my cravings disappear very quickly!

  4. Debbie said...

    Great way to look at these issue's, I can see it now The Capt Jack Sparrow dieting method!

  5. Scott said...

    Rrrrrrrrr, very interesting post, miss. I don't think I ever would of analyzed Captain Jack Sparrow and the lifestyle of a seaman the way you have. Somehow, it all makes sense, though, truly.

    Captain, Captain Jack Sparrow ;)

    p.s. It is also a joy to hear that nothing was smoked during the creating of this post. :D

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