baozi dumplingThe residents of Oklahoma City and Dublin should be relieved that their cities are littered with fast food joints instead of steamed dumplings vendors.

Although the amounts of fast food joints make both cities as one of the worst places to lose weight, at least they are not the worst place to live. A recent undercover investigation by China Central Television found that cardboards are the main ingredient of some pork dumplings sold in Beijing.

Dumplings or steamed buns are consumed frequently by the locals there. Some producers tried to further optimize its cost by using cardboard as the filling. Cardboard is first made into pulp by soaking it in caustic soda. Then the cardboard is chopped and mixed with pork and powdered seasoning as quoted from Newsvine.

Dumplings or steamed bun are also the main staples of China’s people similar to how fast food is attached to many USA people. The difference is that the cardboard dumpling is an illegal practice there while fast food is legal in USA. Although fast food won’t result in short term health damage such as cardboard buns, both of them still have three similarities such as:

1. Both are not transparent regarding their ingredients

Of course you can’t expect the sellers to put up a big notice “Cardboard Filling”. Fast food joints are not really transparent either about their nutrition label. The regulation that was supposed to force many restaurants to give correct nutrition labels to their menu had been delayed.

2. Both are hazardous to your health

Caustic soda which is used to turn the cardboard into pulp is the same chemical ingredient used in the making process of soap. I am sure that even Chuck Norris won’t survive eating cardboard for long time. Fast food on the other hand is linked with obesity and heart disease due to the amount of saturated fat it uses.

3. Both taste cunningly fine

The seller of the cardboard bun told the reporter that most of his customers don’t realize that the bun contains cardboard. I am sure that he must be using tons of seasoning powder. Fast food also tastes fine if not great for some people. Despite the obvious health hazards some people are more addicted to fast food than ever.

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  1. Ellen said...

    I read the news about cardboard buns. It's very horrible, they don't care if someone dies because eating their bogus dumplings.

  2. Intancen said...

    Cardboard baozi (steamed bun, the seller must be very evil. I guess it has something in common with fast food too now that you put it this way.

  3. Cherry said...

    Yeah, some sellers here were reported to use mouse meat as main ingredient for dumpling also. Scary!

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