Consider ourselves lucky that we live in the technology era. Now we have tons of choices of tasty desserts which are low in fat yet still taste wonderfully delicious.

I can imagine having to stand 104 Fahrenheit of heat and yet can't find anything cool which does not threaten my waist. Perhaps that's the thing in 50's but definitely not now.
However the amount of choices of "healthy" desserts seems to be overwhelming at this point.

Every company seems to be attracted in this lucrative industry and start making low fat version of every ice cream! According to International Ice Cream Association, American spent $21.6 billion for ice cream consumption in 2006. The highest consumption is in retail outlets, with $13 billion spent!

While healthy desserts are indeed heaven sent, don't fall for the "not so healthy" desserts which are aimed at your pocket instead of your health. So what is my pick for the healthiest dessert?

I admit that fro-yo is one of my favorite especially since I live in the everlasting hot country. However my favorite pick still falls for the Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream or maccha.

First of all, green tea has a lot of benefit by itself. While I used to make this green tea cocktail in the summer, a maccha ice cream will refresh me better. Green tea is very rich in anti oxidants. As a comparison, one cup of green tea contains 3 times more anti oxidants than orange juice and ten times more than apple juice.

Second, the serving size of green tea ice cream is small! Compared to the big portion that I got when I ordered frozen yogurt, the portion serving of green tea is small. This means I can be satisfied with just one scoop and this complies with my Japanese way of eating.

Third, green tea ice cream tastes great even though it is not served with a lot of toppings. One of the fanciest green tea ice cream that I ever tasted was the one in the picture. That one used wafer as coating (no chocolate at all). Most of the time green tea ice cream is served plain and small. In my opinion, plain yogurt tastes worse than plain green tea ice cream.

And last, you won't be tempted to eat a lot of toppings. Compared to the amount of toppings which were shoveled under my nose when I ordered the fro-yo, green tea ice cream does not go well with too many toppings. In fact less is better.

Can you imagine a green tea ice cream with chocolate covering? That would make it chocolate ice cream. However fro-yo is made to be sold with a lot of toppings. My concern is I will be tempted to over eat all of their toppings since they appear to be delicious!

Got to go now. It's blazing 95 Fahrenheit here even though it's not July, I need to go to buy myself some green tea ice creams.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I think Pinkberry fro-yo is too hyped up! They use artificial yogurt powder I heard!! but looks like I am the only one who think it's over hyped...:'(

  2. The OE said...

    Of that 21.6 billion, I spent 1.3 billion myself.

    Now where are the older posts for reference?

  3. Lady Rose said...

    Excellante point, many products try to say they are healthy - but really are not (and most low fat or low calorie versions are only a few calories less then their original version) - it pays to read labels, and indulge only occassionally. Frozen crystal light makes a nice refreshing popsicle! So do small containers of low fat yogurt - they are great frozen. Lady Rose (80ish lost so far, only 60ish to go!)

  4. Cherry said...

    OE: here's the link about the figure

    LR and Anonymous:Still how can I resist not finishing the huge portion of fro-yo when it's so lavishly served in front of me. So I'd rather avoid those fancy fro yo shops for now.

  5. Fa Sy said...

    You always have great ideas. Green tea ice cream... I guess its not served just anout anywhere coz Ive never seen in before.

  6. Scott said...

    Now, now, don't spoil your dinner with that green tea ice cream dessert, Miss Cherry. Sounds great though!

    I have question, a bit off this exact post but does pertain to fat and the eating there of....

    I hear if you are on low carb diet, fats are good b/c that is what our body will use for energy. Normally, our bodies use complex carbohydrates for energy but since we are cutting back on the carbs, we use fats instead.

    Your thoughts??

    p.s. lamb chops marinating in white wine, mango pieces, a bit of honey and lemon juice, salt, pepper, orange/yellow peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms and carrots for dinner...will serve with some additional cold mango and, perhaps, cucumber slices.... just bring dessert, please;)

  7. Cherry said...

    fasy, green tea has become sort of culture in many countries. Even Starbucks has their own version of green tea frappio, try the big ice cream parlors for green tea ice cream.

    Congrats on your great achievement Lady Rose. I know you will make it since you are not easily tempted by "bad" foods.

    Scott, yes it's true that regardless what diet you are taking, fat is still important as it's one of our body daily requirement. However the trick is to get the right fat instead of any fat. For example food high in saturated fat (commonly found in fried fast food) might not be good for your overall health since it increases the risk of cancer and obesity. Chicken, beef, pork and esp fish are good source of fat. However I prefer them grilled. Your dinner sounds better than mine, fried rice with sour sweet chicken. Bon appetite!

  8. It's Scott Again! said...

    hhhmmm, that sounds quite appetizing. I love scrumptiously delicious meals! Let me get me that sour sweet chicken recipe, please.

    And, the lamb chops were fire! It was the first time I have cooked lamb- it takes long time, like hour and five to ten in order for it to be fully cooked. But, it was still awesome!! (when you come to Vegas, I will cook it again for you ;) ). I like gyros (and the yogurt sauce that is served with them).

    Tonight it's filets (like $10 bucks at Albertsons for two small filets), sliced yellow apple pieces and some spinach. (Dab of tobasco, salt pepper and few driplets of honey on steak- no wine marinade this time).

    Anywhoo, take care, Cherry, it's time to preheat the oven, cook steaks to "medium" and break bread! Bye-bye, talk with you later!

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