Do you enjoy watching Lost a lot like me? Then the best bet for us is to stay away from any foods during Lost show time in Television. In fact, a research conducted by Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago proved that our brain can affect the amount that we eat significantly. As quoted by MSNBC, a research involving Jay Leno program and chips proves that statement scientifically.

45 volunteers were asked to eat as many chips as they want while they were watching Letterman show, Jay Leno late night talk show and while they were not watching anything at all.

The respondents ate 44% more chips when they were watching Letterman compared to when they did not watch TV at all. And the respondents ate 42% more chips when they were watching Leno compared to when they were not watching TV.

According to Dr. Hirsch, the neurological director at Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the scientific reason for this result is that when we are distracted to other things other than our foods, we tend to eat more foods.

So this can also means that Letterman show was more exciting at that time. According to him, if we can concentrate on the taste and flavor of the food we will feel full faster than if we are distracted. The distractions are not limited to television in my case, it can be in form of chatting, book, and computer games. Yeah I often do those three things while eating!

There's a part of our brain which is called ventromedial nucleus. This is the satisfaction center of our brain, this tells whether we are full or not yet full. In a nutshell, by watching entertaining television show our body ignores the signal from the ventromedial nucleus since we are distracted. This is why many respondents ate more chips when they were watching television.

Bottom line: I should throw away my books (especially if the next Harry Potter comes out), turn of my television and concentrate to my food in order to eat the appropriate amount of meals.

Source: MSNBC

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  1. Janet said...

    That is great advice. I never snack at night anyway, and we have a family rule, no TV during meal times!

  2. Kenny said...

    Interesting but what if it's a program you hate watching? Will you eat less?

  3. Vic Grace said...

    We usually watch the news. I don't think we eat more we just get indegestion and our blood pressure goes us. We keep saying we are going to stop watching the news but it is a long ingrained habit.

  4. The OE said...

    Okay, but what do I eat when it's 3 am and I wake up with the weebie jeebies screaming for cookies or ice cream (this happened even when I was 10 yrs old).

  5. Scott said...

    Wow, Miss Cherry, that is very interesting! You know what else is dangerous about tv, too, is the advertisements for the taco bell, burger king, arby's and all the other fast, convenient food places that we are constantly bombarded with while surfing the tube. It is a huge overload of advertisements, encouraging us to eat (and do other stuff).

    ..and then we complain about our obesity problem :)

  6. Fa Sy said...

    Its true that watching tv gives me more appetite. I enjoy the food more when im watching tv ,weird ....

  7. Lady Rose said...

    I always take plain air popped popcorn with me to the movies -- I really enjoy plain now, it's a great fiber snack and keeps me from nibbling on unhealthy choices. And I have a rule - no snacking at home after dinner. I can have a zero calorie drink or water (or in winter a 25 calorie diet hot chocolate once in awhile) - but that's it. You get used to it and I feel much better not have food in my stomach trying to digest while I'm sleeping.

    So you're a Harry Potter fan too? Cool. Did you see my photos from the big Harry Potter we had?

    Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

  8. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments folks.
    Janet - Well it's great if you can impose such rule like that. However a single like me is free to have the meals anywhere in the house.

    Kenny: If it's a program that you hate watching then why do you watch it? Naturally if our brain is distracted from the food we are eating then we will eat more.

    Vic Grace and Fasy: Same here, but if the program that you are watching is a 3 hours movie. Then chance is if there's a snack lying near then that snack will be consumed.

    OE: Just eat cookies and ice cream then. They are not that harmful :)

    Scott: Luckily the tv here is not littered by junk food ads. But it's literred by colored snacks ads which is just as bad.

    Lady Rose: Air popped popcorn is great. However I usually spice it with pepper and oregano. yes I am a harry potter fan too, I saw your kids Hogwart birthday, there gonna be Hogmseade in your country too! Envy!

  9. MeltingWok said...

    I had corn nuts y'day, they tasted so much like popcorn, must be the butter..sheesh :P

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