My friend recently showed me her book about Suzanne Somers diet. That was my first encounter with Suzane Somers diet which quickly absorbed me into learning it. Somers diet is nicknamed Somersizing by its founder, Suzanne Somers herself. Being invented and endorsed by celebrity, this diet has a lot of die hard fans and haters too.

A large part of Somers diet has a lot of resemblance to Atkins diet with several alterations. Somersizing is a diet which relies on food rather than exercise. This diet put a lot of emphasis on eating habit and food combining.

Although food combining and some of her tips are not brainwaves, they still make sense. One of the biggest cons of this diet is it's not supported by any scientific evidence. But hey, as long as it works and endorsed by celebrity then people will still try anyway.

Somersizing Review and Summaries:

Suzanne Somers claimed that she got the inspiration from the French who always eat foods rich in fat and yet still have beautiful waistline. And it turns out that the French practise food combining in their meals as a secret to their slender figures. So Somers decide that she could have the same result by learning from the French and develop the so called "Somersizing".

Somersizing is a marriage between Atkins and low carb diet. There are four groups of food combination in somersizing.

Protein - Fats: Protein from poultry, meat, fish, oil, cheese and butter.
Vegetables: Various fresh vegetables except starchy vegetables.
Carbohydrates: Whole grain bread, cereals and pasta.
Fruit: Fresh fruits.

The general rules about food combining in somersizing are:

-Protein - fat group should be eaten with vegetables group.
-Carbohydrates also should be eaten with vegetables.
-Protein - fat and carbohydrates are not meant to be together.
-There should be at least 3 hours interval between protein - fat meal and carbohydrates meal.
-If your stomach is empty, your choice should be the fruit group.

Suzanne Somers also advises against these high carbohydrates food and sugar such as potatoes, alcohol, white rice, carrots, beets, white sugar and brown sugar.

Therefore an example of Somersizing as practiced by my friend when we went to restaurant for dinner was a choice between protein - fat and vegetables or carbohydrates and vegetables. Her choice was protein - fat and vegetables, so she substituted the potato in her steak to vegetables instead.

The problem with this Somers diet is that the calorie intake is so few that it is hard to stay on this diet on long term basis. Although it's not nearly as harsh as lemonade diet, Somersizing requires you to stick to this diet for lifetime in contrary of lemonade diet which can be finished in just few days.

Her book was more like a recipe book too, looks like Suzanne Somers cover her lack of scientific back up with a lot of delicious Somersizing recipes. And she also does not emphasize a lot about going to gym which I think is deceiving. It's true that diet can make us lose weight, however a great body takes more than just a diet.

With such tight body that she has, it's likely that she does an intensive exercise to achieve that. While my friend is a die hard Somersizing fan, I have decided that I am not going to walk her way.

Somersizing official website:

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  1. Nicole said...

    See Somers website, she advertises a business opportunity, which is annoying since I have to buy her starter kit just to start promoting her and make more money for her!

  2. Kelly said...

    Sounds like MLM biz that Somers advertise in her website. but it sucks coz u hav to buy stuffs u dont need to promote her biz

  3. shern's mom said...

    sometimes it's not that hard to stick to diet like this one. it is the hassle of buyin the 'food in the said diet'
    especially when we're not livin in the west, agree?

  4. Fa Sy said...

    My only problem with this type of diet is getting the food, n doing it yourself.I dont think I coul really keep up with that coz Im not a very organized person lol.

  5. Cherry said...

    Last time I checked in Somers website. She indeed required to BUY her products in order for me to become her affiliate.

    wow, most affiliates are happy if there are people who want to promote their products and wont charge a penny.
    You know most health companies won't charge you if you want to promote their products, if you have to buy first before promoting their products then mostly it means they are not having good sales with the product lately.

    I agree the hassle of buying such foods. with Somers the hasle is the minimal calories intake which is just 1200 calories. and unlike fad diet which only last for short period of time, SOmers said this diet is the way of life.

  6. RLP said...

    I don't know about the whole promoting her program thing but I do know about her program for losing weight and feeling healthier!! I am an avid Somersizer - in a day I eat WAY MORE that 1200 calories!! Eggs with bacon or ham with parmesan cream sauce-made with heavy whipping cream. That is my breakfast. 1 hour prior to that I eat all the fruit I want to - wait 1 hour and eat my breakfast. For lunch I have alot of options -
    1. Whole grain bread toasted with fat free mayo, slice some tomatoes and put them on the sandwich along with anything else I want that is a carb meal - cucumbers, lettuce, hot peppers etc. I usually eat two of these sandwiches.
    2. Cheesy broccoli soup with ham made with heavy whipping cream, full fat cheeses and ham. I will also eat all the raw veggies I want dipped in my own homemade dip - cream cheese, sour cream, season salt and dill weed.
    For supper I can have a HUGE steak, chicken with crispy skin, pork chops, etc. with veggies and there are options now that are legal that can be a substitute for the 'bread' that some miss when having certain meals. I can have salad with full fat dressings with ham, eggs, cheese, tomatoes etc. on it.

    I do not feel deprived and I KNOW I eat more than 1200 calories in a day!! And yes, I lose weight doing it.

    Buying the food isn't hard either once you know the program inside and out like most Somersizers do! The hard part is deciding what recipe I want to try next!!

    AND - as a last note, I love butter with a passion - this program allows me to have something I love anytime I want to. I had a very hard time giving up potatoes - I was raised on them - but, after the first week, I no longer craved them anymore the same as I did with sugar.


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