Butter Escargot

Have you ever eaten snails for your dinner before? Although snails are pretty common food for various dishes worldwide, my friend was still shocked when she found out that I ate snail for appetizer.

Cooked snail is called escargot and is a common appetizer in France as well as some commonwealth countries. On that dinner, we dined in French restaurant so I did not miss the chance to order some french delicacies including escargot.

Some of you might be turned off by snails. Yes, they are gooey and they live on dirt, but they are natural and taste wonderful! In fact compared to our popular packaged snacks, people should be more disgusted by those artificially colored snacks rather than snails. I ordered butter escargot with garlic sauce, the restaurant special cuisine, which tasted so delicious and savory.

The lightning was kind of dark at that restaurant but you should be able to see the snails clearly if you click and zoom the picture above. The snails excreted a lot of sauce when biten and they were not smelly at all. Nothing tasted better than eating a snail completely soaked in garlic and butter sauce. Wait, there is more than good taste! Snails can also be a good foods for your diet! Read more to learn about it.

Snail contains a lot of protein while maintaining a low fat content. Snail is a good food for the dieter like me who should not consume too much carbohydrates. And just like Salmon which contains "good fatty acid", snail is also rich in linoleic acid whic his a member of essential fatty acid called Omega 6 acid. About 11% of snail is protein while the fat is 2%. So snail is a good ingredient for those who are in low carb - high protein diet.

If you have great nerve then you can try Escargot diet. Honestly I think it will require greater nerve than the lemonade diet, cabbage soup diet or even the grapefruit diet. As published by New York Times, you can try the escargot fad diet by eating snails for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

This old piece of news said that snail is metabolized perfectly by our body so there's no need to worry about how many butter and garlic sauce that we use on our snails. History said that french fishermen invented this diet and kept it secret for long time.

Although escargot is delicious but I definitely will puke if I need to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I think escargot is a delicious food which unfortunately is considered wacky by a lot of people. Gotta love the butter snail!

  2. Johann said...

    Bonjour Mon Ami:)

    Having lived on France myself I can say that escargot is truly one of French delicacies!

  3. Fa Sy said...

    What does it taste like? lol, it looks so funny that im scared to eat it

  4. The OE said...

    I don't consider it wacky, but I'm still not eating it.

    BTW, I've noticed that when I don't eat enough carbs I get the weebie jeebies. I don't think the creators / proponents of low carb diets have effectively addressed the needs of people who participate in extreme physical activity. So I eat more beans:)

  5. Cherry said...

    With such missions that you undertake it's better to load up more energies for you OE. Fa sy it tastes delicious. The dish was beautifully garnished in a way :). I love how they put up the salad in the middle of the plate.

  6. Stacey said...

    I tried escargot in my wild teenage years....I'm a bit less wild (just a bit) so I don't know that I'll do it again. However, your post is quite good despite the subject. I like your style! ~Stacey

  7. shern's mom said...

    snails?? count me out. i'm never a fancy eater though. never even tried squids, oysters, mussels, sea cucumber, sharks fin, scallops not even sashimi. call me weird but i find them dodgy.

  8. Cherry said...

    Stacey eating snail is not wild at all :D. Many French eat snails. In fact it's good for our health as long as the snails are cleaned properly.
    Some of my friends are like you shern's mom. They just don't like anything out of ordinary.

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