It always amazes me that there are a lot of wacky weight loss devices which some people really try. There are two categories for wacky diet devices, the one that works and the one that is just selling myth.

I admit that several wacky diet devices that work such as fat pet and hula chair are really brilliant idea from the inventors. However certain weight loss gadget such as caffeine panty hose is based on vague principles.

Here's another diet gadget which is based on diet myth that say "If you sweat a lot, you will lose a lot." While going to gym and taking sauna bath afterward are indeed good for my weight loss journey, exercising while wearing this sauna suit may not be healthy for me. This suit is priced around $99 to $120 a piece and it is claimed to be able to dish out your fat easily.

While it's true that we can lose a lot of weight through sweating but that kind of weight loss is not nice at all! This sauna suit is said to be able to trap our body heat thus creating an excessive sweating during out activity.

In other words, in order to lose weight using this suit we need to dehydrate our self. If we sweat a lot, chance is we will drink a lot too thus regaining the mineral and water that we lost. And it's not nice if we end up dying because severe dehydration either.

The sauna suit (which is sold in this site) is made from vinyl which makes it look glossy. I can imagine that such suit will definitely torture me with severe sweating and heat.

However the website states that you can just wipe the suit clean using damp cloth. I can imagine how smelly I would become if I wear the suit for the second time. Definitely not a gift for father's day! With $99 I could get two fat pets which in my opinion would become a more ideal gift than this suicide suit. What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Eeuuw, not for me!

  2. Janet said...

    I think it doesn't look like it would be very flattering....

  3. Felicia said...

    i will be drenched in my own sweat and smell liek a poo if i wear that suit.

  4. Too Hottie For Scottie said...

    For $99-120, I think I will just stick with my adidas sweat pants and sweat shirt. Besides, these "sauna sweat suits" are hideous- reminds me of the Zoltan tools in the movie, "Dude Where's My Car?"

    Actually, with the 110-120 degree Fahrenheit heat out here in Vegas, there is no need for extra clothing, you'll 'sizzle fa shizzle' in shorts and a T-top.

    Have a great weekend, Cherry, drink h2o and stay cool!

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  6. shern's mom said...

    not a very bright invention afterall isn't it?

  7. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments folks.

    Haha yes, this suit is so flashy that you will be the "cool" guy in the gym.

    No, but this invention is hillarious. They charge so much for this. Well, this can be a good suicide method. Dying while exercising.

  8. Lady Rose said...

    That suit is just to funny - definitely not a father's day gift - and for mother's day or xmas either LOL

  9. Cherry said...

    Lol yes this is flashy 70's suit LadyRose. Even if this kind of futuristic suit was a trend in our father's era but I doubt they would want it now

  10. Anonymous said...

    i got the same suit for 14.99 at a sporting good store and it doesnt smell at all and i drink a lot of water and i still lose more weight then before.

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