The dreaded time for Paris Hilton will come tomorrow. Finally the countdown timer tick to 1 day left before Paris Hilton will be jailed. Her new room will be 2.5 x 3.5 metres cell in Century Regional Detention Facility, Lynwood, California. Paris was the subject of my envy because of her self claimed high metabolism. According to her book, Confessions of a Heiress, a Paris diet is a diet consisting of eating chocolate, chips, pasta and popcorn. Rest assured that Paris won't be eating chocolate, chips, pasta and popcorn in prison.

However although she's going to prison, looks like she will still be the subject of my envy. There are a lot of celebrities who went to prison and used their time in prison to do the prison diet. One of the most famous one was Martha Stewart, who lost 10 pounds during seven weeks in prison. Here are some interesting things regarding prison, Paris Hilton and the meals in prison

First of all, I used to imagine prison as gloomy places where prisoners are chained and fed dry bread (too much Rambo and Chuck Norris movies in my childhood). However prison is actually can be looked as a hotel who serves all their inmates need. I can imagine that it will be so confusing to run a prison where you have to serve the meals for thousands inmates. Some are vegetarians, some are Muslims and some may have specific food restrictions.

Most of foods in prison tend to be high in carbohydrates. However I think that Paris Hilton will be able to walk the Martha Stewart's way during her servings in jail. Paris will probably eating very few foods since she already stated that meals in prison are a turn off for her. Quoted from ABC news, Paris said that "Conditions are miserable, people take showers under cold dripping water, the food is completely inedible."

And I bet that she will feel more depressed that she might lose her appetite further because her "room mates" won't be so pleased with Paris Hilton's arrival in jail. Many inmates regard that Paris will get special treatment in prison.

Lucky for Paris that Martha Stewart already set a great example for her, this way perhaps Paris can ended up thinner when she gets out from the prison. As reported by Azcentral, one of Paris close friend said that Paris will be so enviably skinny and more beautiful in prison.

Don't despair although you can't join Martha and Paris jails without committing a crime. If you have a lot of cash to spare you can stay in prison by paying a certain rate. Federal Bureau of Prisons charged $178.55 per night and by paying $2.45 more you can also take meals along with inmates as reported from this source.

And here's a recipe from Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center (from Swift Report) called so that we can get a taste of prison meal.

6 slices whole wheat bread (chopped)
113 g cheddar cheese, (grated)
113 g raw carrots, (grated)
340 g spinach, (drained)
480 ml dried Great Northern Beans (soaked, cooked, drained)
4 tablespoon of vegetable oil
169 g dehydrated potato flakes
169 g tomato paste
226 g powdered skim milk
113 g raisins

1. Drain all wet ingredients, then mix all ingredients in a 12-quart mixing bowl. Mix until stiff, but moist enough to spread.
2. Form three loaves in glazed bread pans. Place loaf pans in oven on a sheet pan filled with water to keep the bottom of loaves from burning.
3. Bake at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 45 minutes. The loaf will start to pull away from the sides of the bread pan when done.

While the recipe sounds fun but you still apply the Japanese guide of eating and stomach management in order to effectively lose weight.

And if I have to choose between the choices of paying $178.55 per night to lose weight in prison and diet pill, I would certainly pick the diet pill. One month supply of high end fat binder pill costs only US$89.95 which is way lower than the cost of staying in prison. And I am sure that Proactol (the fat binder pill) has much higher chance to work rather than the prison.

Farewell Paris, we''ll see if you lose more weight there.

Cherry recommends Proactol as a SAFE solution for your weight loss problems. They have 120 days moneyback guarantee too just in case you are not happy.

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  1. shern's mom said...

    hi cherry,
    you do know a lot about diet stuff.
    you must be stick skinny and healthy. what keeps you goin? ever felt like givin up and binge a double cheese burger with a large fries? pls enlighten me..

  2. foodette said...

    I didn't know you could pay to stay in prison - maybe if I had a kid that I needed to straighten out. But, I think I would choose a health spa if I wanted to go away and lose weight. LOL

  3. The OE said...

    Paris is too thin as it is. And she'll never be attractive to me. Perhaps she'll use the time to get plastic surgery and totally change her identity.

  4. Cherry said...

    OE: if you marry Paris you won't be secret agent anymore ;)

    Yeah foodette, but staying in prison is a whole more exciting experience than joining healthy spa for me hehe

    Shern, I dedicate the next blog post for your question. Stay tuned

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