In spirit of celebrating the milestone, I want to review my blogging mistakes as well as sharing about how I promote my infant blog.

I hope you can learn something from my mistakes as well as from my free blog promotion which I did. This will be one of a few posts in my blog that cover the blogging topic.

Here are my top SEVEN blogging mistakes:

1. Not getting a domain for my blog as soon as possible
Domain is useful for your image. A domain gives you a better branding compared to and a domain can be easily remembered by your potential readers. A domain cost only $8 or less for A YEAR. This is one of the most rewarding investment that I spent. And I moved to my own domain too late and I lost all the indexed pages in Google as well as some inbound links.

2. Not putting up my profile
I never put up my profile during the early life of this blog. And that was a huge mistake. How can the readers read and trust this blog if the owner remains anonymous? A profile picture gives your blog a personality, so I advise that you use your picture for your profile and put it up in your blog side bar.

3. Not having any bookmarking widget
Social bookmarking is the hot thing right now! You should help your readers to bookmark your site by providing the widget. The neatest widget I have seen and used is Add This. Social bookmarking sites can give you the right exposure and popularity so by all means ride their train. I did not use this bookmarking widget during the early life of my blog. And that means I lost some opportunities to get more exposures.

4. Not cutting the long blog post using read more function
All of your blog posts are listed in the front page of your blog. I did not cut my blog posts and my front page was very long. Readers need to scroll down very far to see my older posts. And this would be a turn off for me. Your blog is a blog, not a sales letter. So keep it short so that readers can see more of your blog posts. If your average blog post is more than 400 words then cut it up to 200 words with the read more javascript.

5. Set my comment setting to registered user only
While this may prevents spam but this discourage the participation of your readers. Some readers who want to comment might cancel because they don't have time to register. I experienced very few comments way back when I required the commentators to register. Now I allow non blogger members to comment too and the result is great.

6. Using label wrongly
I used to label (or categorize) my blog posts wrongly. I labelled all the posts with their keywords. And this results in a messy label list. You should label or categorize your blog posts in the simplest manner as possible. This will help your site navigation tremendously.

7. Not using pictures
Pictures speak louder than words. I rarely used pictures during my early blogging life. This is a huge mistake since my blog looked plain ugly at that time. It was like reading a novel. Since then, I always embed pictures in my blog posts. Sometimes I even embed videos. Even if your blog is about tutorial or marketing, you should give a lot of screenshots and metaphor pictures to spice things up.

Those are my top seven blogging mistakes which I have paid dearly.

And here are what I did to promote my infant blog:

1. Participate in Yahoo! Answers
The folks there ask about anything! I answered as many questions as possible which were related to my blog by citing my related blog post link as reference. I never flagged for SPAM since my answers were highly relevant to the reference, and now I became top contributors in Yahoo! Answer. You can do the same way too.

2. Write articles and submit it to top directories
Article writing is still effective in giving some traffic to my blog. I don't do article writing for back link, but I do that for traffic. I have compared submitting articles to multiple directories and the result was not better than submitting my article to just TWO directories. I submitted to and If you live in USA, you can even get paid by writing for AssociatedContent.

3. Submit your blog posts to social media sites.
I got wonderful result from StumbleUpon, great result from MyBlogLog, good result with Digg and okay result from Blog Catalog. If you have FaceBook account that could be a good way to promote your blog too.

Those are all the promotions which I have done to this blog. I did not do so much promotion starting from 2 weeks ago. But the result from my previous promotion are still pouring in. The best of all I do not spend a dime promoting this blog.

Well, let's stop before this blog becomes a Money Making Blog. That's all folks, I hope it's useful to you as it's useful to me although I bet many of you have known all of these.

I am welcome for any feed backs still if you disagree with me, have any inputs or questions.


  1. Tony Beat said...

    How do you cut your post in blogger?
    And where do you buy your own domain?

  2. Cherry said...

    I bought my own domain in netfirm, about cutting post you can search it in google. I remember that it's a complicated process and I forget how to do it sadly :(

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