Gospel of the Healthy Food

My parents retain a favoritism toward canned foods and freezer. They tend to buy a lot of foods which normally would last only a few days and put it into freezer so that the foods can last longer. They also like to consume canned foods so much because they are easy and can last until the next world cup in 2010. And the most unbearable fact is they insist that fast food are not that bad. It's normal since canned foods and fast food were highly popular in their youth era.

However young people like me tend to pay attention to the media more and in a way I am more horrified toward the effects of trans fat to our body. And due to the hard punishment of being obese, I was forced to look upon the foods and health issues closer. And nowadays we can't even eat anything that we like. However Barry Glassner, author of "The Gospel of Food: Everything You Think You Know About Food Is Wrong" reckons that we are a way too hyped up fro those healthy foods thingies.

Weight loss industry is an attractive industry. With the growing awareness of obesity and health a lot of companies try to hype up their products. All of the products nowadays carry the same message, "Don't eat other products! Eat us instead because we are low in fat/carbs or whatever!"

Nowadays it's hard to see any foods manufacturers who do not release their "low fat" version of their products. I wrote an entry about what actually they mean by "low fat" here. And worst of all, people can eat those hyped low fat products and feel good while actually they don't gain any benefit at all.

However as an addition to my entry about diet urban legend, Barry Glassner said that "You get more out of a meal physically and emotionally when it's a pleasure to eat." His point is why we torment our self by eating a lot of "healthy" foods which we don't like and perhaps are just hyped up foods. So here are Glassner takes based on his recent book "The Gospel of Food: Everything You Think You Know About Food Is Wrong".

1. Don't sentence a specific food to death.
Glassner said that eating your favorite food once in a while will do no harm to you. If you are on a tight diet, eating a bag of potato chip once in a while won't suddenly makes your efforts in vain.

2. Fresher is not always better.
My parents may be truer according to Glassner. Frozen packaged vegetables are not always worse than fresh vegetables. In fact fresh vegetables may lose a lot of their vital nutrients due to aging during their transportation.

3. Meals should be enjoyed thoroughly.
Glassner indicates that our body benefit more from a meal that we enjoy physically and emotionally. In this mist of healthy living trends, people lost one of the meals important purpose which is to be enjoyed. Many people eat meals which are lacking carbohydrates, calories or even salt. The message is not that we are supposed to eat all those fast foods and candies bar heartily but we are supposed to pay attention to the meals taste and balanced ingredients so that we can enjoy it thoroughly without overdoing it.

4. Enhanced foods may not be healthy for us.
I saw in the supermarket yesterday that even the deep fried fish chips claim that they contain a lot of Omega-3. Nowadays a lot of packaged foods are enhanced and enriched with vitamin and essential acids. They all boast healthy eating while actually they are not that healthy! Glassner advice is to beware of enriched foods since they are chemically altered in the process.

5. Natural should be cheaper than unnatural.
Look at the price tags that those natural products bear. Most of them are more expensive than their unnatural counterparts. This does not make sense according to Glassner, since natural products are supposed to contain less or zero additives, so how come they are priced higher than the unnatural products. Perhaps those natural products are also altered chemically that's why they are priced higher.

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  1. foodette said...

    I definitely think that your parents (and mine as well) grew up in a time where saving food for tragic outcomes was more important than eating healthfully. Hence all the preservatives in our food now-a-days. I am with you, though - we live in a country where we can have fresh produce all the time - why not take advantage of this?

  2. Kelly Jad'on said...

    Thanks for adding me as a friend at BlogCatalogue! You have a great blog! I understand you love sushi. I once spent a summer teaching English in Hamamatsu, Japan where I learned to enjoy sushi.. "Oishii desu!"
    Fish is actually very good for the body.
    Kelly Jad'on
    Author Interviews & Book Reviews: Diet,WeightLoss,Nutrition,Fitness

  3. The OE said...

    I recently lost a can of water chesnuts to a vile villain who robbed my home. Now that I think about it, I think the can was very old.

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