As it's my habit to write about crazy products in the weight loss industry on weekend, I name this product review session: Freaky Friday. Although I did not write the past wacky products reviews exactly on Friday, that does not stop me for being cool and include them in Freaky Friday session :D. The past editions of freaky friday were:
-Hula Chair
-Pet Fat
-Caffeine Pantyhose
-Cheese Burger Vacuum
-Sauna Sweat Suit

This edition of freaky friday highlights this wacky diet water which is supposed to help you lose weight. At first I thought that this was just an idea from one mad scientist, however it turned out that I found some diet water brands were sold in the market. So this could means that this product line is a money maker for several companies. Let's dig deeper into this diet water.

This magical substance is claimed to contain CitriMax according to this seller. Citrimax is the acid which is commonly used in diet pill, so naturally its purpose is for weight loss. However the hype did not just stop right there, they claimed that their diet water contains an enhanced form of CitriMax called super CitriMax.

What does it do? Aside from burning a hole in our pocket by charging $49 for 24 bottles of 0.5 litre of water this magical drink is supposed to curb our appetite, reduce our body mass index and makes us healthy!

24 bottles of 0.5 litre are equal to 12 litre of water, which is just enough for 5 days if we drink 5 bottles a day. So for a month supply we will need $200 to acquire this potion.

Perhaps this diet water brand is not doing so well, so here's another diet water with fancier design. Well, I must agree that this line looks better and has higher chance to get grabbed in supermarket compared to the above diet water.

However this diet water goes further by saying that their water can also supply you with lasting energy in addition of better metabolism and weight loss!

Of course they don't forget to say the condition: "If paired with a healthy diet and exercise". Isn't that what normal water does anyway? They sell this diet drink for $29 (12 of 20 ounce bottles) which is just as costly, but hey if it's making money then why not charge a premium.

The next company does a creative twist by adding flavor to their diet drink! Woohoo, Skinny water releases their enhanced diet water with Lemon and Raspberry flavor.

Of course they don't forget to give both products a matching themed package. This means they also use artificial flavoring to their diet drink. Wonderful package, fresh enticing colour (yellow and raspberry red), great flavor are the ingredients of successful product.

I do not think (and I think most people also) these products worth the price. The companies surely wanna grab a slice of pie in the obesity era, and they will surely make good money if they charge such high premium for just a hyped drink. In fact most diet pills won't cost as much as these drinks. Anybody want to buy these products? Send me a complimentary diet drink to try.

PS: I love raspberry!


  1. Anonymous said...

    lol at this crap water, they expect anybody believe and buy this diet water?

  2. Ellen said...

    Haha if only these drinks are priced normal then I would buy them as refreshing drink, not weight loss drink. People nowadays will believe anything.

  3. Fa Sy said...

    Its crazy how some people will use any kind of diet product because they are so desperate to lose the weight :(

  4. foodette said...

    So you're telling me that if I drink water instead of eating food I'll lose weight? Amazing! :P

    Seriously, I agree with what you said - with diet and exercise it's what all water does. And extra energy + metabolism booster just means caffine.

    PS, I love it when diet products have green tea in them. As if you can't just drink green tea.

  5. Shinade said...

    Hey I did it in 5 wks...almost 20lbs. And I did it writing a blog.(MoonDanzerDelivers) I saw your face tonight and just had to drop in and rejoin as my new person. This is MoonDanzer aka Shinade. I have a new baby...oh my but what a long way to go. I wanted to drop in and say hello. So Hello:)

  6. Lady Rose said...

    I love the products you find to review -- you gotta wonder why folks spend that kind of money on "water" geeez oh well

    Lady Rose

  7. shern's mom said...

    i think the tricks of diet water is just to fill you up and bloated so you tends to feel full, no?
    diet water, im not buyin it.

  8. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments folks.

    Yeah this water is priced at a premium price so you can expect this water to compete with Perrier. I would still choose the "no attribute" Perrier compared to these diet water.

    Ellen, Anony, Fasy: At least this product is not as bad as the sauna suit. lol

    Foodette:Green tea is a good drink foodette, and it's healthy, so no wonder some companies have 'green tea' flavor in their products too.

    Hi MoonDanzer, thanks for coming. Congratulations on your baby and your 20lbs. Hope everything is okay there :). I will drop by there later.

    Mom and LadyRose: Yes, I love reviewing wacky products also haha. People in diet industry are sure creative. This water wont make you full but claims to make you burn fat faster.

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