Welcome to another edition of Freaky Friday. For the first timer, each week I feature the creative and wacky ideas that people have. It can be in positive or negative way, as long as it's unusual then it's worthy enough to be put in freaky Friday.

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This edition features the clever idea from a geek who found that his body was not composed of hands and heads solely. And the other parts of his body need more exercises than clicking, typing and seeing movies in computer. Then he found a company aimed specifically to cater geek's need to exercise. The company is named Slim Geek (Isn't geek slim already?).

Internet has changed the way of our life and some people (including me) spend more time in computers than moving around. Slim Geek sells a computer bike exercise gadget called Geek-a-Cycle which enables us to do a little exercise while they spend half of their life in front of PC.

Geek-a-Cycle package is comprised of desk table and bike pedal. The desk table is proportioned so that our hands are not pressed to the table surface. The inventor reckons that if our hands are pressed to the table surface for long time then we tend to have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. You can see in the image on the right that the keyboard table is tilted at 60 degrees.

What in the geek name is that?

According to National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, "Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. The carpal tunnel - a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand 3/4 houses the median nerve and tendons."

Let me rephrase that in human language, Carpal tunnel syndrome makes your hands sore.

The most exciting part of this package is the bicycle located just below the table. It offers a chance to exercise while we spend our life in the computer and to some extents, it can help making our presence in the real world longer.

The inventor claims that he lost 24 pounds
in three months by using the Geek-a-Cycle. That's around 2 pounds a week. Although he made that result I don't think that one can possibly lose weight just by depending on this device. But still don't let that spoils the fun.

There's no harm than burning extra calories while we sit in front of our PC. And if you do some Wii Sports whenever you are in front of TV and pedal your Geek-a-Cycle while you are in front of computer, you are going to burn significant amount of fat.

The inventor suggests us to pedal when we are not typing and stop when we are typing.

I personally think this bike is a great idea to add to my PC. It costs $399 for the desk table and the bike. However the bike solely just costs $184.95. Spending $184 for this bike is wiser than stocking a month supply of diet water. Heck, with $184 you can't even get two of this alien sauna suit.

Geek-a-Cycle website is here.

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  1. Sherry said...

    The price is a bit of steep but I love the concept ^.^

  2. Ellen said...

    Cycling when PCing. Gotta be the right tagname haha!

  3. shern's mom said...

    that's a pretty cool idea.

  4. The OE said...

    This is a dead of the night covert operation geek fly by

  5. Cherry said...

    I emailed the company to say they have good product too. :)

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