Battle is far from over! A few weeks ago, a new regulation forcing a great number of fast food joints in New York to display calorie information in their products was agreed to take effect on July 1st.

Just when everybody have been waiting to see the regulation takes effect in a few days, the court suddenly delayed this regulation enforcement to October 1.

I am sure with the proper calorie information many people would decrease their fast food consumption as the calorie in fast food menu is terrific.

A portion of Big Mac contains whooping 600 calories and that number is still added by side dishes and soft drink which people usually order to accompany their Big Mac. A super sized french fries can contain more calories than the big mac itself! Not to mention the "Super Size Deal" which offer an option to increase the portion size by just paying a few dollars more.

The fast food chains said that they are not reluctant to give the truth to customers. However their argument was that the menu board will look like a mess if they have to display the calorie count for each menu. I seriously find that the argument has no solid ground.

How hard it is to put additional menu boards on the left and the right side of the centered menu board. Another option would be for them to display the calorie in the printed menu only.

Of course they are afraid that sales are going to be hurt by displaying the calorie count. According to ChowBaby calorie counter, Burger King Double Whopper with Cheese holds an almighty 1070 calories! Fast food joints will be forced to offer the reduced portion size otherwise they can lose a lot of customers.

This is a good step taken by government in NY to fight the fast food addiction. It's possible that other states will follow through should NY succeed in enforcing this rule. And after some states follow, some countries might also follow.

In 2006 fast food joints approximately earn US$142 billion in sales, as estimated by National Restaurant Association. As this involves a huge amount of money, a fierce tug of war is happening now behind the screen. And the fast food has won the first round by delaying the enforcement of calorie display regulation to October 1.

I can only hope that someday we can know exactly what and how much we eat.

The full story in 1010 wins.

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  1. Lady Rose said...

    I sure hope that goes into affect with any more delays or being over turned. People need to be inform so they can make choices.

    I realize it is too expensive to require small restaurants to do - BUT the bigger chains can do it easily since their menus don't change.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Those fast food giants are fighting hard. You're right if this applied in NY, soon they will apply in all over the world!

  3. Scott said...

    WOW!! 1070 calories in a Burger King Double Whopper w Cheese?? That's like 2 hours of cardio on the elliptical machine just to burn it off (and don't even get me started with the biggie sized fries and cold drink ;) )

    All fast food places have begun to include salads in their menus, I wonder how many calories the salads and their dressing contain.

    You always keep me/us in the know, Cherry, for that, I thank you!

  4. Cherry said...

    Yes, you are correct Lady Rose. We need to be informed and it's not the small restaurant who made their voice heard all over the states it's the giant fast food chain. Their argument is lacking solid ground and I believe something is going on behind the scene right now.

    Yeah, if NY successfully enforce this. Other states will likely to follow through and then major overseas cities where the fast food chains have outlets.

    Yes 1070 calories is a big deal Scott. And you will get 600 more if you order the king size :D. Cola is about 160 calories too! Averaged down, it summed to 1500 calories! Two gym sessions are needed to burn them =D

  5. Ellen said...

    This whole situation sounds fishy. I bet they will be forced to pay a lot of money in order to delay that regulation further in October!

  6. Sean said...

    In Malaysia, fast food companies are not encourage to sell their advertisement in TV during kid's show.

  7. Cherry said...

    Malaysia has more sense then. In here kid's programs are littered with unhealthy snacks and even Fast Food ads :(

  8. Tim said...

    I was wondering about the calories in salad dressing at fast food restaurants, just like Scott. It would be great to get some disclosure.

  9. Cherry said...

    For instance McDonald salad calorie can be found here

    Mc Donald Chicken Caesar Salad

    Fat: 6 g (per 100g)
    Salt: 0.39 g
    Protein: 7g
    Sugar: 1g
    Fibre: 3g

    You can check other fast food salad at ChowBaby counter

  10. Cherry said...

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