It's summer season, shopping spree anyone? If you are on tight diet then it's better to avoid shopping for a while, otherwise you will be parting with a large chunk of your bank account.

With the currently happening Singapore Great Sale or Surabaya Big Sale, it's actually hard not to enter the shopping spree mode. And just like all women with a little cash, the fool side inside of me find it's hard not to reduce Zara summer season inventory. Just like TV, shopping is not a good companion for our diet.

A study done by Kathleen D. Vohs and Ronald J. Faber as published in the Journal of Consumer Research, volume 33 (2007)- pages 537–547 evaluated the buying desire of people who were in self restraint mode. The study conducted two very interesting experiments which clearly simulate the self restraint mode and its effect to shopping habit.

The research can be downloaded in here, scroll down until you see the title "Self-Regulatory Resource Availability Affects Impulse Buying". Setting aside those complicated statistical jargon, the study highlighted two experiments to prove that self constraint really affects impulse buying.

The first experiment was done by asking a bunch of men and women to watch a 6 minute muted videotape with guise that they would be asked their opinion toward the interview later. The video had a random text displayed in the bottom of the screen. The first group was forbidden to read the text at all and they must look at the woman face all the time, the second group was given no instruction.

Then both groups were asked to give the amount of money they would be willing to pay upon some pricey products such as watches and cars. The first group was reported on paying much more money on those goods compared to the second group. This first experiment highlighted that people in self constraint mode tend to spend more money when they are given the chance to break away from the constraint.

The second experiment involved some people which were divided into two groups. The first group was told to write everything which was in their mind but they were forbidden to think about white bear, and every time they think about white bear they must cross the paper. The second group was given no constraint at all.

After that people from both groups were given small amount of money as reward which they can spend on anything inside a particular store or they can just keep the money. The first group who was being constrained during the test, spent more than the second group. The buying impulse is harder to resist when a person is experiencing a tight constraint.

This can be related with our diet, if you are on crash diet or struggle very hard on the borderline then chances are you will be spending a lot when you are given the chance to do so. Of course it's a different case if you are already used of the diet and you consider diet not as limitation but a chance to live happier and healthier. For the moment, I will avoid those tempting sale!


  1. Angelina said...

    This is true actually since I tend to overspend whenever I am on diet or fasting.

  2. Janet said...

    Whenever my waist bands start fitting a little looser - I immediately want to go clothes shopping!

  3. m38967 said...

    I (try) to go shopping on a full stomach, but alas, it is not always the case and yes i end up buying more then planned. But usually i take a list and i do pretty good with sticking to my intentions. (so, sometimes good, sometimes not-so good). hehe.

  4. shern's mom said...

    this is interestin. but come to think about it, it is in fact true.

  5. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments folks. I appreciate your thought on this issue. Yes obviously a proper celebration for us is to shop whenever our waist fells smaller :D

    Yeah this is also true for me, it feels like I want to vent off my pain through shopping. Well, credit card is not our best friend at such time. Making list does not help in my case, unless I can walk in the mall blindfolded and only open my blindfold when I want to buy something in the list :D

  6. Sean said...

    Malaysia is having Mega Sales as well, this weekend will going to shopping~ Hope I'll not overspend as well~

  7. Ellen said...

    Well you will lose some pounds by getting squeezed by tons of people who flood the shopping malls whenever there's a discount.

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