When we are talking about dessert, we have some images of chocolate pudding or ice cream floating in our mind. In my country (and the whole east Asia) tofu is one of the most popular food which can be made into dessert. And although I am not quite fond of tofu as much as maccha ice cream, I find that tofu is VERY EASY to prepare for dessert. As an added bonus, tofu pudding is also a great dessert to have for you who are in phase one of South Beach Diet.

The best of all tofu is loaded with tons of health benefits. In fact tofu is a GREAT source of protein for vegetarian. Tofu belongs to the soy families which contain a great amount of fatty acids while having no saturated fat and cholesterol.

One of my favorite recipes is tofu fruit pudding. I agree that a piece of tofu does not look mouth watering at all. In fact it looks boring! While tofu is quite flavorless, it can be made easily into a tasty pudding with several additions of fruits and syrup. I am quite fond of this dish since it's silky smooth and can be easily garnished.

Tofu pudding is incredibly easy to prepare. Whenever I am lazy, I will just whip this recipe and voila, a fresh tofu pudding appears ready to be served to my guests.

For the best result you need to use silken tofu instead of regular tofu. Silken tofu is different than the regular tofu. Some groceries put silken tofu in different shelf than regular tofu. Silken tofu is just like its name. It's soft and easier to crumble rather than regular tofu. Don't forget to handle your silken tofu carefully or you might make it falls apart. Unlike regular tofu which is packaged in water, silken tofu sometimes is packaged in aseptic container.


12 ounces of silken tofu
3 tablespoons of maple syrup (or other fruit syrup to your taste)
Fresh fruits (I use Kiwi, peach and lychee)


Just puree all the ingredients in food processor until smooth. Then chill them in refrigerator for a couple of hours. Top with chopped fresh fruits (or chopped almond).

There you go, your excellent protein source in a tasty dessert. It's silky smooth and it's glossy too. Tofu is also high in calcium while low in fat and sodium which makes it a wonderful ingredient to include in your diet.

As it's an excellent source of protein, vegetarians often consume tofu as their protein source. Well, even meat eaters like me still consume in regular basis, especially this tofu pudding. Unlike green tea ice cream, tofu pudding is easier to get and prepare by my own.

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Tofu pudding makes a great dessert in phase one of South Beach diet.

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  1. Lady Rose said...

    simply lovely - I am definitely going to try this one - looks very refreshing and cool just in time for summer. Great for a dinner with guests - I think it would make a great impression and they would never guess it's healthy. Lady Rose

  2. Anonymous said...

    I can't believe it's so easy to make this kind of pudding. I've seen a lot of this pudding and now I know I can make one myself

  3. shern's mom said...

    looks so temptin. didnt know i can buy dessert tofu at supermarket. thanks i will check it out. or is it the normal tao-foo-faa?

  4. Fa Sy said...

    Yummy!! I didnt know it was so easy to make. Will definetely try it

  5. Anonymous said...

    I must say you did a great job with the garnish. the same pudding w/o the fruits will look plain

  6. Scott said...

    mmmmm, mmmmm, now that's eating good in the neighborhood, Cherry. Looks awesome, too! I am not much on tofu either (just doesn't do it for me) but I will have to try this nifty little treat for my dessert temptations.

    p.s Steak was goooood, ended up using Tony Chachere's instead of salt. Now I want tofu pudding, please ;)

  7. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments. And yes the fruits did a graet job garnishing. Otherwise it will looks just white boring.

    Shern's mom - it's the usual kembang tahu. Not the one which is used for stir fry. I dont know the chinese term though.

    Fasy, Lady Rose, Anonymous and Scott. Yes this dish is easy to make and can be a show off dish to my guests. It will look pretty as long as you put the fruits neatly and try to combine 3 fruits so that you have three contrasting colours.

  8. Anonymous said...

    you have a nice page :)

  9. Grady Laksmono said...

    you have a nice page :)

  10. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Great recipe. I think I'll try this but instead of adding maple syrup, will substitute it with Manuka Honey or some fruit juices.
    Where did you get such good info on diets and recipes?

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