With more and more restaurants enter the dining industries, it's normal that the competition gets fiercer. While delicious taste is compulsory, many restaurants turn into developing their ambience to get a winning edge. However since developing a good dining ambience can be costly, many restaurants tend to compete by increasing their portion size significantly.

As a customer of restaurant the most annoying thing that happened to me is when I ordered an expensive meal which turns out to be so tiny. Nowadays that kind of thing does not happen very often.

Every restaurant seems to compete by serving larger portion to their customers. This applies to most restaurants ranging from fine dining to fast food. We have "super size it" in Mc Donalds and those huge fatty steak at premiere restaurant. In fact, according to survey most chefs do not realize that they serve way too much.

Survey conducted by Penn State University and Clemson University as quoted in USA today took 300 chefs as respondents. Three quarters of them said that they think they had served the proper portion, while in fact they served two to four times way too much (normal portion is 3 ounces while they serve 12 ounces). And only 16% of the respondents care more about the portion than the look of the food.

Well, I can't blame them for sure since they are chef and not dietician. I should make a habit of asking them before I order a "chicken cordon bleu." However as pointed in one of the Chowster discussion board, one of the chef seems to regard such question as insult. While I do not agree with such opinion, I think that it's wise to make our question sounds tactful.

Instead of asking about calories and stuff, tell them that you are starving and you wonder whether the portion is big enough to satisfy your hunger. If the answer is yes , then most likely the serving will be more than your stomach needs.

You should also ask this question when you order your appetizer and dessert. Ordering proper appetizer can also lead you into eating less main course. That will be very annoying if the main course turns to be so huge. When ordering dessert you can ask whether the portion is big since you are already full. To be safe, I always order fresh fruits as dessert.

Another trick is to get out from the plate cleaner clan and take away any leftovers. However some people like me do not like the hassle of packing and reheating the leftovers. So for me the most viable choice is to ask before I order.

While a lot of people blame this on restaurants, I think that this is not restaurant responsibility to serve the proper amount of food. Some customers will definitely complain if the serving size is adequate (they say it's too small). And the restaurants exist to make profit, but we exist to live a long and healthy life (okay at least that's my goal). Of course for people in States, there are always Applebee and Ruby's Tuesday for low carbs dining out.

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  1. Janet said...

    I don't mind eating really unhealthy or fattening foods once in a while, we all need to treat ourselves... what I hate most about restaurants is NOT KNOWING, how bad something is. You can order something that seems healthy, but you just never know whether they've INJECTED it with butter to make it taste better. I think that the day is coming when all restaurants will have to make nutritional information available and I can't wait. I will still pick the "bad" stuff sometimes, but it will be an informed decision...

  2. Cherry said...

    Janet you have a point. I do not object at treating ourselves once in a while, but it gets worse if we end up in "over indulge" ourselves due to the crazy portion that they offer. And yes, some restaurants are not clear about how they get their ingredients. I know a lot of nasty stuff about those injected poultry.

  3. Sherry said...

    Girl, last time I ate at Fusion restaurant here they served me 800 grams of steak which is way too much for me, value for money huh? my stomach cant adopt that much value

  4. Theresa said...

    tell this to mc donald who serve gigantic burger and fries for just a few cents more here!

  5. MeltingWok said...

    hey cherry, McD's is now into 1/3 angus burger. Think the word "angus" sounds preety enticing ? hehe :) ewww....hormone injected poultry :(

  6. Cherry said...

    Yes, injected poultry :(.

    What's angus burger like ? The name is so grand, fast food industries are getting cleverer.

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