So what does it take for the well known stars to have their well maintenanced figure? Although many of us seem to think that they have God given slender figure, in fact most of the Hollywood stars need to struggle very hard, if not harder than us, to maintain their body.

There's a myth that Hollywood diet involves several bizarre fasting. However the attribute of Hollywood diet is so vague that I ponder why there are still people who believe and swear by it.

The silly Hollywood diet was rumored to use only Papaya, pineapple and watermelon. First the dieter is required to eat papaya to soften the fat, followed by pineapple to burn it and watermelon to flush the fat. And not only that, the diet requires us to eat just a type of food for a day.

This sounds ridiculous, unhealthy and boring. What amaze me is the people who swear by it. Let's throw away that urban legend and learn about the sensibler diet that many Hollywood stars are doing.

Kate Hudson was a subject amongst the dieters because she managed to dish out around 40 pounds of fat after her pregnancy. Her secret was to consume high protein food in small portions. Her choices of training were weight training and cardio. She achieved that 40 pounds in 120 days (a little more than 2 pounds a week) and gained muscle on her abs which made it a subject of envious talk.

As the world most successful host in the world, Oprah is paying a lot of attention to her figure. Oprah followed a strict eating plan which is similar to South Beach diet.

She avoided white sugar and white bread and consumed a lot of fish and vegetables. Her choices of training were weight lifting and cardio (just like Kate). In addition she also claimed that she had never eaten after seven o'clock in the evening. In her late age, Oprah is still as charming as ever.

Gwyneth Paltrow was listed in one of the weirdest celebrities' diet in one of my previous entry. In addition of doing the infamous macrobiotic diet (a diet which forbids her from consuming sugar, gluten, dairy and red meat), she also did a cupping therapy. The therapy used cup of hot air pressed to her body.

Jennifer Aniston swears by the name of Dr. Barry Sears. She followed zone diet strictly and managed to be one of the sexiest girls on earth according to a Men magazine. Zone diet requires its follower to follow a strict 40:30:30 meal ratio. 40% of low glycemic carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. Zone diet is a hassle if you don't have a personal cook to carefully measure your meal. The only option is to depend on numerous zone diet delivery companies which rate are going more and more competitive

Paris Hilton diet is one of the unbelievable diets. She said that she had never done any strict diet before and she ate pop corn, fast food and other batty stuffs whenever she wanted them. She also said that she burned a lot of calories just by dancing. As these stuffs were said in her book, Confession of A Heiress, it doubts me whether is this for real or is this just a tool to make more people buy her book.


  1. Ellen said...

    Oh, I never know that Oprah does that kind of exercises :D. I agree that outsourcing your zone diet meals to company is more beneficial and saves a lot of time!

  2. Angelina said...

    just lol at Paris.

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    This ain't Hollywood but, roll out the red carpet, we're eating good and getting healthy with Cherry at My Diet Methods Reviews and Recipes!

  5. Cherry said...

    Constructible boy, your url is parsed can you write it once again?
    I dont get what's the purpose of ALexa train nevertheless.

    Thanks for the comments folks and Scott need to do the hot air cupping therapy to make him hotter :D.

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    Hi, Cherry, happy HOT Friday! The Alexa Train is a way for you to get some "alexa redirects" to your url/site and, hence, better your Alexa rankings. I got tagged a couple of months ago and figured I'd be a good sport and participate. Honestly, with your daily page impressions, your Alexa ranking will be dynamite real soon, regardless of the A Train (like I told you previously, go on, brush your shoulders off, Cherry ;) ).

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