Instead of gobbling up the pop corn while watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3, I found myself hooked toward this cool new game.

This is a desktop flash game based on popular Warcraft III Mode the Tower Defense. It's cool and cute in a way! I spent 4 hours playing it today. The game is fun yet it does not require your full focus. I could play while snacking and watching TV !

You will play as the defender, your job is to build the towers which will shoot at the enemies. Your goal is to prevent the enemies to reach the other end. So if the enemies spawn from top then you have to place tower strategically so that the enemies can't reach the bottom.

This is addicting and the sound effect is kind of cute while annoying at the same time. My highest score is 1750 something. It's low but I will post better score soon! Come and play it then submit your scores to " Diet " group. We'll see who will be the number one for Diet Tower Defense Group. Post your scores on the comment also.

Beat me at the Desktop Tower Defense!

Click here to learn the basic gameplay guide!

View who's number one type "diet" on group name.


  1. Anonymous said...


    My score is 1738! geez I have to try harder.

  2. Constructicle Boy said...

    wow!this game is indeed cool!

  3. Cherry said...

    Haha I don't want to touch this game during weekdays!

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