I am proud to say that this blog has grown in such a fast pace in its 40 days of life.
I started http://www.Diet-Meals-Recipes as http://daily-diet-recipe.blogspot.com in 26 April 2007. I intended to just share some easy recipes in this blog instead of writing a lot about weight loss.

Honestly, I am not much a chef, I like to experiment and cook simple dishes such as sandwiches and shakes. And it was really boring when you could only wrote about chocolate shakes recipes all the time. That's why I added some reviews to some popular diet methods which I have or I have not tried before.

I am proud to say that Diet-Meals-Recipes has exceeded my expectations by receiving a lot of exposures despite its young age. And this quick development surprised me since I am very new in blogging. In fact I never tried writing any contents before save for school project.

Here are some of the milestones, my future targets, and the list of people and blogs that I would like to give a huge thanks.

As you can see in the graph, 9 May 2007 was the first milestone that this blog has reached. This blog received its highest visitors in a day at that date. I remembered that I could not believe my eyes that this blog received around 350 visitors in a day at that time. The usual daily visitor's number was 200 before 9 May 2007.
Click the picture to make it bigger.

After that huge spike, the traffic returned to normal though. And surprisingly, just in the third week of May, my traffic went on frenzy mode and started its leg up. Starting from 21 May, my daily traffic surged to 300 - 350 for a week. It was faster than I expected. The 200 daily visitors on 14 days age already surprised me and yet this 300 - 350 traffic came so quickly still.

And starting in the first week of June, I am proud to say that this blog reached its highest visitors record which was around 900 hits. Traffic dropped back to 600 daily visitors until today. Until now the unique visitors are 88% of the total daily visitors. This means I have 12% loyal readers. Thank you for becoming my faithful readers!

I am happy that people feel helped by what I wrote. And I hope that I can continue helping people by sharing my experiences.

Here are the top five contents that people read in Diet-Meals-Recipes.

1. Lemonade Diet Review (Old stuff that I wrote on the second week of blogging)
2. How to quit binge eating (Wow, this was only published last week, yet it quickly became one of the top content!)
3. What snacks to choose from vending machines (I wrote this last week)
4. iCrave Sushi (Old stuff I wrote about Japanese guide to eating)

(Click the thumbnail below to view the screenshot bigger)

My further target is to take more pictures, maintain the current traffic rate and increasing my subscription rate. I am a person who dines out a lot. Yet sadly I often forget to take picture of various foods which I have eaten. I will make taking pictures my habit now.

I did not even know what the heck is feed during the first two weeks of blogging. So sadly my feed subscribers are still few considering that I receive a lot of traffic daily. I moved the feed button to the top fold now to make it more visible and I encourage all of you to subscribe to my blog feed using your favorite newsreader. That way you won't miss any of my blog posts :).

I would like to give thanks to some people and blogs which have helped me so much.

1. Blogging Secret which is owned by Louis Lim. That blog taught me how to embed bookmark button and adsense automatically in my post.

2. Peter Chen of Blogging for Dummies :D. Yes I told you I am a dummy in blogging and online stuff. I remember that I spent 5 hours just to widen the range between the left bar and the main bar.

3. Kumiko from CashQuests and Maki from DoshDosh, whose posts opened my eyes and motivated me to get serious in blogging.

4. All the kind people who have reviewed this blog. Thanks Famefire, Scott, Franco Yong, kind people in MyBlogLog (where I met some great inspirators: Lady Rose, Carol Bard, etc), my friends in StumbleUpon and all other blogger which are impossible to mention one by one. I am really thankful for your support !

5. Success with Auction for hosting a wonderful article writing contest which I have won the grand prize of $1000. The check is on its way to my home now and I expect it to arrive next monday through DHL. This article won me some recognizition and perhaps a couple of faithful readers too. Thanks for the opportunity!

6. The faithful commentators who spiced this blog. Thank you for your feed backs, without you all this blog would be an online graveyard.

Read next, my blogging mistakes and how I promote and monetize my blog.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Nice and Congrats !!

  2. Mr. Lurker said...

    I never post comment before but I always read your posts from time to time. Great to see your blog is doing well

  3. Janet said...

    Congratulations on your milestones. Keep it up!

  4. Scott said...

    You're welcome, Cherry, congratulations and keep up the great work!

  5. shern's mom said...

    congrats cherry.
    ::clap clap::
    im happy for you!

  6. Lady Rose said...

    It's great to see your blog is doing so well! You are an inspiration too. :) Lady Rose

  7. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the kind words people. And you are all my inspiration.

  8. Fa Sy said...

    Congratulations Cherry. U well deserve it. Ur blog is interesting and u write so well. Keep it up :)

  9. Cherry said...

    Thx Fasy for the kind words.

  10. FreelanceVenue said...

    Wow, congratulations on doing well. Hope you continue with your blog success!

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