There's a saying, breakfast is the most important meals of the day. However in my case, I am often forget to eat breakfast since I usually sleep a little bit later which results in no time for breakfast. Despite that fact, I often feel an unbearable hunger in the morning and yet if there's no time then that means no choice also for me.

As I am living in Asia, a typical breakfast will always be either rice or bread. And guess what, a typical lunch her would always include rice or noodle. Sometimes I am just sick of those two foods. This case may be the opposite of what my fellow readers experience in America. So let's sum a few breakfast alternative ideas to spice up our morning.

1. Cereals or oatmeal - rice
I have stocked some boxes of cereal or oatmeal as an alternative to my typical breakfast: rice with veggies. Obviously if you are used of cereals or oatmeal then try rice instead. Rice with saut
e vegetables still tastes great as long as you don't have them for 20 years. Brown rice is the alternative if low carb is your belief.

2. Add fruits to oatmeal or cereals
Since I hate raisin, I often use raspberry and diced apples as addition for my regular oatmeal or cereal. Don't forget that puffy cereals will keep you full for fewer spoonful as proven by Cheetos diet research.

3. Egg is not a threat for weight loss
As quoted by City News, a study sponsored by American Egg Board took two groups of women and gave them different meals for breakfast (both meals have the same calories). The first group had two eggs and a toast while others were given bagels and yogurt. The egg group lost 65% more weight and 83% more belly fat.

I use just half of the yolk, tomato and broccoli for my scrambled egg. A low fat cheese will of course taste wonderful with scrambled egg. Just put the cheese after you have fried your scrambled egg, the cheese will melt beautifully on the scrambled egg. It's not the egg which makes you fat, it's what you consume with your egg!

4. Protein bar
There are tons of meal replacement bars available in the market nowadays. This can be a healthy alternative if you don't mind the cost.

5. Add nuts to your breakfast.
Almond and walnut are incredibly addictive for me, so normally I include both of them in my regular serving of cereal. And the best thing is that both of them are a good source of good fat.

6. Yogurt
With the hype of fro-yo things it should be easy to stock some frozen yogurts to have in the morning. Just watch for the serving size of fro-yo as people tend to consume fro-yo in large quantities since it's pictured as healthy food. Of course the best choice would be a traditional yogurt. I have noticed that some yogurts have long shelf life (4 - 8 months) while some have short shelf life (4 - 8 days). My suspicion is that those who have longer shelf life are packed with preservatives.

7. Air popped popcorn.
It's the traditional breakfast of the Indian according to this source. Air popped popcorn contains significantly lower calories than microwave popped popcorn. However the taste is kind of plain so it's wise to look at this article by University of Nebraska. They wrote some ways to spice up the popcorn while still maintaining the low number of sodium.

Other recipes for breakfast:
Negative Calories Sandwich
Tuna Salad
Tuna Pita
Bruschetta Salad


  1. Ellen said...


    I am a fans of those meal replacement bars. Handy arent they?

  2. Anonymous said...

    u should aslo try wholegrain biscuit with cottage cheese! simple and healthy.

  3. Janet said...

    It's funny, I cannot even IMAGINE eating rice and vegetables for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, I would love it, but not for breakfast. I guess it's all about what you grew up with. I am a big fan of bran flakes and skim milk for breakfast, I either add 1/2 banana, or a tbsp each raisins and slivered almonds. It fills me up until lunch.

  4. shern's mom said...

    i havent had a proper breakfast in ages. very bad i know. but i rather sleep in late like you. hehee.

  5. Cherry said...

    Ellen and Anonymous: Yes meal bar is handy, but biting them just dont feel like eating any real meal. Unfortunately cottage cheese is hard to find here.

    Janet:Yes I guess it's a matter of habit. But I am open for a change, so I am welcome any cereals or oatmeals to start my day.

    Shern;s mom: Well I regard the first meal that I have as a breakfast regardless the time :D

  6. Elizabeth said...

    My favorite breakfast is egg scramble, I posted the recipe on my blog with a photo. Sometimes I have it for dinner too, because it is so good! I think veggies with a brown sauce over rice would be a good breakfast too.

  7. evelyn said...

    So.. If we talk about breakfast honestly i'm so lazy to do that!
    Sometimes if i'm get my greakfast my stomach feel so crazy... I want to trow up! But i try to eat for my breakfast coz someone tell me if i want to diet i have to eat for breakfast and forget about get my dinner. In the begining i feel si difficult coz i usually wake up in the morning at 9 o'clock! So i say that i don't eat for breakfast but i eat for lunch. True?
    talk about cereal. Sorry, but cereal for me is nothing.My lovely stomach of course don't feel better if i eat cereal. I have to eat rice. Coz to be Asia people like me rice is no1 eventhough i just 1 for 1 spoon.

  8. Sean said...

    My typical breakfast is always wholemean bread with spread and coffee~ I won't skip my breakfast for any reason~

  9. Cherry said...

    Hi Elizabeth, Evelyn and Sean

    Actually you are right, breakfast is essential for weight loss. Body clock diet guide also hint that fact, however the problem with not having breakfast is that we tend to binge eating when it comes to lunch. By binge eating our stomach tend to swell more.

    And not mentioning the terrible hunger nearing midday which often makes us turn into those vending machines or batty snacks as last resort. So breakfast is indeed essential.

    About eating rice, I guess it also depends on our childhood habit. I am perfectly fine with bread or other alternatives as long as they got some carbs.

    And lucky Sean you cant live w/o breakfast. That's a good habit, keep it up ;)

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