Wii set its step in the market around last year. Since that the world has been caught in "Wii Craze" where as people tend to turn into Wii for solution! Including a solution for weight loss.

Although Wii is indeed a breakthrough in game console industry, I note that Wii graphic feature is far from its rival. The graphic is still can't be compared to Xbox 360, save the Playstation 3. However anybody who is not a nerd will agree that Wii is FAR more exciting than those nerdy, smooth graphic of Xbox 360!

It's true. Since Wii is famed because it promotes a lot of active movements in order to play the game, some people turned into Wii as a way to lose weight whilst still being a potato couch. hey_suburbia from Wiinintendo.net claimed that he lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks just by playing Wii regularly and without having any change in his eating plan whatsoever.

He said that an intense 1/2 hour of Wii Sports is roughtly equal to heavy cardio training. His journey was documented in the New York Times. Let's take a look from a LOGICAL perspective whether to lose 9lbs without any change in meals is possible.

First of all, Wii playing can be considered a worthy exercise if you play the correct games. For example, when I played Tennis Master in Wii my body would not stay calm. Although I just need to move the controller but it did not feel right if I did not move my body to chase the ball too. :D

Although I did not try the Wii exercises for a full 6 weeks (I have my own way on weight loss) but to lose 9 pounds on 6 weeks seems unreasonable for me. Well the single and most important element in weight loss is change of habit. With Wii exercises there is not much change of habit there. Okay, so I can play video games while running. Big deal! Without a sense of healthy living I will still gobble up unhealthy foods or fatty foods.

Sadly to lose weight significantly you need more than exercises. Unless Wii can be incorporated into my meals by whacking me in the head if I eat the inappropriate foods, I don't think Wii can help me much in losing weight.

But don't be discouraged. The equation for weight loss is calories output > calories intake. So how do you can burn more weight with Wii ? Simply attach a weighted wrist bands while you are playing.

And Wii is supposed to be fun. So by all means keep playing Wii, but don't play it for weight loss only! That's my piece of ranting for this Wii weight loss diet. My opinion is also the same for all games which promote calories burning like DDR. But those games are indeed a better stress reliever than the snacks.

Games are supposed to be fun, when you can burn a lot of calories through game that's great, but a change in your habit is necessary to succeed in your long term weight loss goal!

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Here's the video of Wii Exercises.

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