In the last post I talked about the vending machines evil reign has been challenged by healthy vending machines, where your purchases can be tracked. The total nutrition intake such as calories and fat can also be summed from those healthy vending machines.

But the reality is that the healthy vending machines are likely to be installed in schools rather than offices. So in addition to taking healthy lunches (negative calories sandwich, tuna salad, healthy bruschetta) with you, you need to know what to take and what not to take from the vending machines.

Here are some snacks that are not good for the dieters.

This one is everyone's favorite but this peanut crunchy chocolate bar is not a good choice for the dieters. The high sugary taste combined with the amount of chocolate can really threaten our waist. But I admit that sometimes I enjoy nibbling it. But better avoid it while I am at work. Click here to buy Snickers candy bar in Amazon.

Frozen fruit pop tart may sounds delicious or healthy but it is a poor trade for your waistline. Too much sugar in it to call it healthy diet snack. The good thing is that the company claims that it is made from real fruit with no trans fat. But the sweet taste is too much for my liking. Click here to buy the Pop Tarts from Amazon.

Yes! These kind of snacks are easily noticed in the vending machines. Most of the cheesy chips contain a lot of trans fats which are very bad for your health. Trans fats also commonly found in fast food (read the fast food 101). Although this cheese tortilla is claimed to be made from all organic material, chances are you won't find many like this one on your vending machines. Click here to buy the Cheese Tortilla on Amazon.

This is the traditional version of cream cake. You will easily find the modern, beautifully packaged chocolate cream cake in your vending machine. From the look this is a surely no go for the dieters. Daily taking of this sweet and creamy taste coupled with some carbohydrates will easily force us to change our pants size. You can get the cake from Amazon.

Many fruit juices are made from concentrate.
The concentrate is not the same with real fresh fruit. Most of them contain too many sugar to call it healthy. Make sure you resort to fresh juice made from real fruit instead of concentrate. This concentrated juice product can be bought in Amazon.

So what's the cacth ? Here is the replacement healthy snacks for each of the above. Of course if you can, try to avoid the chocolate. But if craving get the best of you
try a dark chocolate bar without any milk instead of buying peanut chocolate bar. Or better yet just drink a chocolate coffee cup at nearby starbuck.

Chocolate coffee drink contains a little chocolate and some caffeine to keep you sharp (make sure you don't request for whipped cream and sugar). Try to find packaged dried fruits instead of pop tarts. Baked chips are better than fried chips, or if you must please choose the puffy snacks such as Cheetos Cheesy Puff. Study said that eating puffy meals can make you fuller while lowering your total calories consumption. And you can always choose fresh juice instead of concentrated juice in your vending machine.

Cherry recommends Proactol as a SAFE solution for your weight loss problems. They have 120 days moneyback guarantee too just in case you are not happy.

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All images are from the respective products available for sale in Amazon.
The complete healthy and bad snacks ideas can be seen on forbes.


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  2. bwb said...

    Very nice article when staying healthy is so hard with pop and candy and other bat stuff everywhere we go! I've lost about 8 pounds just cutting out pop and eating vegtables to snack on!

  3. Cherry said...

    Thanks Bwb. Yeah those companies keep on pumping unhealthy stuffs everywhere. Now vending machines are a part of school, hospital, and public places

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