Lunch is the energy main source throughout the day. A good lunch can either boost your energy and mood while a lousy lunch will set a negative mood for the entire work hours. However the vending machine in the office proves to be a great temptation for me. The number of snacks, soda and “healthy” sandwiches that they offer always look so inviting. Unless I take the Cheetos diet seriously, I won't be consuming those snacks as my main staples.

As I have posted in my previous post, a negative calories sandwich is a good lunch for me. It burns calories and tastes good with the dressing. What about utilizing apple cider vinegar for lunch meals. Here are my recipes incorporating the apple vinegar in pita bread and another sandwich. Both are very easy to pack for lunch.

For me, no matter how much I want to skip lunch, I just can’t do it. Skipping lunch will really affect my mood. When I am starving I can get really rude, even to my boss . So a healthy lunch which does not make me fat, like negative calories lunch is a must for me, so that I can still work well. It’s getting harder with the low carbs lifestyle that I am living. Meaning I have to really pack something from home so that I can ensure that I do not over eat calories. Luckily I find these meals alongside with my negative calories sandwich and bruschetta salad aren’t boring.

Apple cider vinegar is a very good ingredient for us, the dieters. When we eat animal proteins and fat, those proteins and fat will thicken our blood and disrupt its circulation process. Fast food tend to accumulate those fat in our body fast. However natural acids which are found in apple cider vinegar help to keep our blood circulation smooth. Of course you need to consume more apple cider vinegar than a few table spoons used in my recipes in order to reap the full benefit.

You can prepare this lunch meal the night before and they will still taste good. This contains apple cider vinegar, negative calories ingredients, a little carbohydrate, omega-3 fat(benefit of Omega-3) and a little protein.

Green Tuna Pita Bread


1/2 can of tuna in water. Drain it well.
Two tablespoons of chopped celeries
Three slices of tomatoes
One pita bread (6 inches).
3 slices of cucumber
One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
Two tablespoon of fat free Italian dressing
One green lettuce leaf (chop it well)
A pinch of chopped bell peppers
Salt, pepper and ketchup according to your preferences

Blend the tuna, bell peppers, dressing, apple vinegar and celeries in a bowl. Refrigerate overnight and keep the cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes separated from the tuna mix.

When serving just wrap the tuna mix in pita bread securely while inserting the lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes as well. You can add salt, pepper and ketchup to enhance the taste. This makes one serving.

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