When Beyonce Knowles announced that she lost 20 pounds using master cleanse diet (lemonade and maple syrup diet), a lot of people were shocked. Because the strict nature of master cleanse diet or the lemonade diet is quite astonishing for the non-dieters people.

However what Beyonce did is actually quite normal if you compare that lemonade diet to these alien diets that other Hollywood stars did.

Here are the Top three weirdest diet done by celebrities.

1. Gwyneth "Gwet Thin" Paltrow

Supervised by her personal doctor, Dr. Nish Joshi, Gwyneth started a macrobiotic diet . A diet that discouraged the consumption of wheat, dairy products, sugar, gluten, and red meat.
And not only that, but Gwyneth had to undergo a weird therapy that used jars full of hot air to her skin. As reported by The Sun, the weird therapy was claimed to improve the blood flow and remove toxins from her body. Dr. Nish Joshi, who also helped Kate Moss and Nicole Appleton, also banned Gwyneth from consuming tomatoes, peppers or other fruits.

2. Christina Aguilera Colourful Diet

This old piece of news still left me clueless in panthoming Christina's mind. She followed a bizarre diet which filtered the texture of her foods. Her diet did not put a lot of emphasis on the ingredients but rather on the texture.

The former rival of Britney Spears ate meals made up from four type of textures, which are crunchy, soft, hot and cold.
Insider source, as quoted by AD Solution, also said that the singer's plate should be composed of foods in different CONTRASTING colours.

3. Mariah Carey's Purple Diet

The singing diva did the weirdest diet composed of purple stuffs.
Mariah gobbled the diet meals three times a week. She used the purple diet as a follow up to her diet similar to my modification of cabbage soup diet earlier last year.
According to Female First, Mariah's nutritionist also advised that purple foods are the best foods that can help fight off aging. Since plum. grapefruits and other purple stuffs slow the wasting of muscles.
A plum a day keeps a facelift away.

Photos source: Wikipedia

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I'd say Christina Aguilera is a nutter with that diet!! Mariah is more sensible

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