Here are the top ten urban legends that people believe about diet.

Mistake #1
Fasting can lose weight efficiently.

You have higher chances of fainting than losing weight if you go fasting directly. You will feel so weak because your body is not used for fasting. Then after several days you will end up eating more than you used to as a 'revenge' to your failure in fasting.

Mistake #2
You don't need cholesterol at all, it's bad for your body.

Cholesterol is needed for the production of hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone. Cholesterol is used to develop your cells in addition of providing vital hormones.
You need to maintain your cholesterol level if you have family who had a history of cholesterol, heart disease, or already overweight.
The key to maintain a healthy cholesterol level is to eat a diet low in saturated fat and exercising. Saturated fats commonly found in food like meat, cheese, cream, butter while unsaturated fats commonly found in olive and avocado.

Mistake #3
Having Paris Hilton's metabolism will make you thin as the heiress.

The bigger you are the faster your metabolism will be. Even when resting fatter people will have faster metabolism, because body needs more calories to keep your body running well. However most people tend to do LESS activities when they gain weight so that the calories outtake is less than intake.

Mistake #4
Make sure your food mostly contain protein so that you can gain muscle instead of fat.

Make sure your protein is not mure than 30% of your calories intake. Otherwise these pile up of proteins will make your kidneys work overtime in order to flush the excess from your body. Which leads to a dehydration, since the kidneys will flush a lot of water too. The most serious risk are damaged kidneys and dehidration.

Mistake #5
Eat food at night and end up waking up fat.

This common belief is formed because people tend to eat MORE at dinner then they eat at lunch or breakfast. Since they eat more at dinner, their total calories intake sum up and don't have a chance to be exited (since after dinner people seldom do tiring activities). The key is not to skip dinner but to have the same amount of foods throughout the day.

Mistake #6
I will gain weight once I stop smoking.

Unless you smoke like a coal train you won't gain much weight by stop smoking.
However if you stop smoking, it's very likely that you will try to eat something to "satisfy" your mouth. Which explains why many people who stop smoking gains weight. If you stop smoking and don't turn into any food as substitute, then you won't gain weight.

Mistake #7
The fat free label means it's really fat free.

Most of the food that have % fat free do not guarantee that you won't gain fat (or gaining less fat) from eating it. Check their calories for better measure.

Mistake #8
Eat a piece of fatty food and experience a huge leap in your weight.

A piece of fatty food won't make you fatter. As long as you don't keep on eating your body weight should not change just because a piece of small chocolate. However if you relax yourself from your diet and begin consuming this "special treat" you will find yourself eating it more than you want to.

Mistake #9
You lose weight through sit up exercise.

Sit up exercise merely trains your abdominal muscle. It's your calories intake vs output that determine your weight loss.

Mistake #10
Low fat milk contains less fat than a full cream milk.

I am running out of mistakes to make it ten so actually that's the real truth. Low fat contains less fat so CONSUME low fat milk.

Some diet pills can be life saver, some can threaten your health. Read the researches and reviews for different brands of diet pills.

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