This is my experiences in doing the lemonade diet. Hopefully you will be able to get a teaser of how does it feel.

I did this diet for 14 days, however please note that I took a break after 7 days. And you should too!

Day 1

I made the lemonade as instructed in the lemonade diet recipe. I made a supply for the whole day around 1.5 litres. The cayenne pepper was so hot, but it gave a different taste than the usual lemonade drink. I did drink the laxative tea the night beforehand. I ate raw vegetables and fruits a little too during the day. In the night I drank the laxative tea again. The lemonade tasted differently though, I guess that I should not made the whole day supply in the morning.

Day 2

Luckily I had done throughout research before starting this diet. I did not even consider the salt water drink to be in the lemonade diet now. However out of curiousity I tried the salt water drink. That drink was fit enought to be included in Fear Factor! No wonder a lot of people complained about the taste! I felt severe hunger today however it quickly evaporated during the noon. No significant problems throughout the day.

Day 3

I had the sense not to make a whole day supply of lemonade. I made 700ml lemonade drinks and I ran out of supply after lunch our already. However by making a fresh lemonade for the night drink I found that the taste was fresher.
In fact, I felt better than the first day. Hunger was worse today than yesterday. I ate some raw tomatoes today to help offset it. Although this might disrupt the effectiveness of the diet, my first priority was to keep myself fit enough to do my daily activities.

Day 4

Looks like my body was getting more used to this lemonade habit. I felt brighter and did not even crave when I saw my colleagues ate Krispy Kreme. It was strange that I still need to go to the bathroom to clean out my stomach until now. I only ate a little raw fruits and vegetables yet my bowel still excreted waste. The cleansing was on progress for sure!

Day 5

My colleagues told me that I looked brighter! I took that as compliment. Luckily today was friday so that meant I could do anything that I liked tomorow! It was stated in the guide that you were supposed to be craving on whatever contributed the most toxins in your body. Strange that I did not crave anything particular now.
It could be due to the fact that I used to eat various types of foods. Hunger was not a problem today either, however I noticed that my tongue was white. This was perfectly normal during the cleansing.

Day 6

I was planning to stay at home so I did not feel too tired. However staying at home proved to be the biggest challenge for me! I was so bored that I was reminded of my hunger throughout the day.
Perhaps because I did not have anything to do to take off my mind. So I decided to go watching movie today, well looks like the hunger was still there. But it was lesser in a good way when I did something. Perhaps this was the craving that the guide mentioned.

Day 7

Last day before I took a break. I knew that a lot of people even did master cleanse diet for 30 days without break. However using my common sense I found that fasting for more than 7 - 10 days without break was foolish.

Well some people could do that without hindering their activities, but I need to focus on work and other stuffs so I decided not to push myself over the limit. My weight had decreased by 8 pounds! This was a great news that I did not expect.

The reason why I did not weight myself everyday was because cleansing was my focus during this master cleanse diet. If I weighted myself everyday, I would tend to overdo the diet to lose more weight. However weight loss will come naturally along your cleansing.

Let me summarize all the important things you need to know before doing this diet.

1. Lemonade diet recipe. (obvious)
2. Danger of salt water flush.
3. Do something while you are on master cleansing diet! It's easier that way.
4. Do this diet with intention of cleansing yourself.
5. Don't weight yourself everyday. Weight it after you finish the diet!
6. If hunger is unbearable, cheat on raw vegetables and fruits!
7. Gradually increase your meal portion after this diet. Start with SMALL portion.
8. Drink orange juice everyday after this diet.
9. Learn from Beyonce diet.


  1. Anonymous said...

    i dont know about your advice i researched the sea salt water flush and read high recommendation to use,also the o.j.isnot needed everyday after the cleanse only for approx 2-4 days is required. eating with this cleanse is a no,no! you included raw veggies and fruits i wouldnot recommend. it is based on the individual i assume but once again the sea salt flush is a must 1 pint w/2tesp of SEA SALT. during the a.m hours

  2. Cherry said...

    Yes, actually I still cheated using raw vegetables and fruits. At least no carbs for me :).
    Well I can't even bear the taste of salt water flush, how about you? And I still succeeded in this diet w/o the salt water flush. Just make sure the laxative tea is there.

  3. Anonymous said...

    what laxative tea did you use/drink?

    thanks in advance!

  4. Anonymous said...

    oh, and how often did you drink it?

  5. Cherry said...

    Hi anonymous

    I used the triple leaf tea as I put it on the Amazon link below the post. But I heard smooth move is also good.
    I drank the laxative tea everyday.

  6. lots o' questions :o) said...

    Thanks =) also, did you stomach hurt a lot during the day? I go to school and work so I won't have time to use the bathroom as often as I want...

  7. Cherry said...

    It would be nice to tell me your name so I can welcome you to this blog personally. :)

    Yes, it took me quite somedays to adapt. I experienced stomachache too for the first few days. And depend on the amount of toxins congestions that you have, you might be required to go to bathroom much more or less than I did. So if your work requires you to do a lot of physical activity, then use your best judgement. The best is to do the first few days on weekend or public holiday where you won't have a lot of activities.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Yuck to the salt water flush. It makes me go to the bathroom all the time. I followed your advice and I did not drink it so that my activities are not disturbed.

  9. yuanhua said...

    Yea just finished the diet my self today, and i gotta admit its hard. I did the diet while being a waiter at my parent's chinese restaurant and boy was it tough. Congrats without a doubt cause its hard to do.

  10. Cherry said...

    Yuanhua Glad that you made it with the lemonade diet. It sure was not easy but it was achievable.

    I won't ask how much you lose but how do you feel prior to the diet?

    I am glad you feel better by not consuming the salt water too anonymous.

  11. Anonymous said...

    thanks for that review. i've planned on doing the master cleanse for awhile and wanted to know what it'd be like from someone who has done it. thanks again, it was very helpful!

    - gilian

  12. Cherry said...

    Gillian, thanks for taking time to write the comment. I hope you can finish the diet with great result too! Good Luck.

  13. Tatalicious said...

    Today is my first day on the master cleanse diet and I'm already experiencing hard times. It's just lunch time and I'm feeling hungry. The drink isn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it certainly doesn't compare to food. This is definitely a mental challenge. Will keep you posted!

  14. Anonymous said...

    I am a firefighter. Yes a firefighter and I did the cleanse for 21 days. I do have an experience with water fasting so it wasn't so hard for me. I would recommend this cleanse to anyone. I lost 26 pounds and felt great afterwards. I am planning on starting my next cleanse later tonight, with a senna leaf laxative.

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