Many diet methods come and go every year, nowadays we are swarmed with a lot of diet methods, ranging from fads diet to vegetarian diet. However here's another method to help you get shaped up by summer.

The body clock diet, is a diet that put a lot of emphasis on our biological clock. The argument is based by the fact that our body has its own clock that determines our energy, appetite and metabolism. Body clock diet gained its name because it's based on scientific evidences and because of its lenient nature.

Body clock affect your life so much, that if you take your blood test or urine test during different time of the day, it can make the change in your result.

History dated back to 1735, a scientist from France did an experiment involving a plant. he noticed that plants do respond to dusk and dawn. He locked the plant in a cabinet without any light.

And to his surprise, the plant still ended up doing the same reaction despite the fact that it has no sunlight to signal morning and night. That begun the development of body clock studies.

The author of this body diet emphasizes that several foods must be consumed during morning and forbidding several foods to be consumed at specific time also.

This diet is claimed to lose two pounds within a week. Which is a normal and attainable rate of diet. And this diet does not emphasize over an ingredient, but it balance all of the ingredient accordingly to meet our body daily requirement.

Here are the basic guidelines of doing the body clock diet.

- You should eat a big breakfast, and end it with light lunch and dinner. Body clock diet insist that foods eaten in the morning will convert into energy and get burned easier than foods eaten at night.

- Start your day with eating high protein breakfast.

- Grains and cereals should be only done in the morning to complement our body clock schedule. While dinner should involves low carbs.

- Get used to wake up at the same time everyday. That will let our body to adjust itself to control the production of melatonin hormone. The melatonin triggered the sleep, so by keeping the same gap between waking up and sleeping will ensure a constant peak of melatonin during the night. This will lead into a healthier life and better sleep.

- Morning sun will heat the temperature in your body. So make sure your dining room gets a lot of sunlight. It warms up your body and set your internal clock in tune faster, your body temperature, energy and alertness will be optimized during the day.

This diet can helps living a better life and optimizing energy, however this diet is not a quick way to lose weight.

And it's easy to get distracted if you're following this diet for weight loss, since there is no strict requirements of the foods. However this diet is highly useful and perhaps can lead to longer life although not to smaller waist.

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