Disclaimer: Make sure you consult your own doctors, nutritionists or other people you deem as qualified to get medical advice before you try this diet.

The lemonade diet is also known as the Master Cleanser Diet. Originally it was created and published by Mr. Stanley Burrough through his book in 1976. The recent popular one is a book by Peter Glickman about Lemonade diet.

This diet was getting more popular when Beyonce Knowles, reigning R and B diva announced to Oprah that she did the lemonade diet. Beyonce did the master cleanse diet when she was preparing for the movie Dream Girls. Some people named master cleanse diet as Beyonce diet and Beyonce maple syrup diet afterward.

The lemonade diet purposes are
• To build a healthier and cleaner blood flow in your body
• To cleanse your kidney
• To cleanse your digestive system
• To break away and wash away the toxins and waste congestion in your body

Note that I do not write any weight loss purpose there because lemonade diet is actually meant to cleanse your body. However weight loss will come naturally during the process since you will emit a lot of toxins from your body.

Most people who did lemonade diet with only losing weight in mind actually ended up overdoing it or stopped after 3 days because they didn't see any effects. However do not be discouraged, as when I did the diet I did experience around 10 pounds decrease after 14 days (back in the unpleasant days).

Please bear in mind that not all people can do this diet. Please consult your doctor and use your common sense before you try this diet. If you have health problem or have tiring activities then by all means don't do this diet first.

It's best to do this diet when you don't have much activities, stress and health problems. You should take a break after you do this diet for 7 - 10 days. And continue this diet after the break. This way you won't be over cleansing your body.

I wasn't much disciplined in doing this diet as my purpose is more of cleansing my body. Naturally if those kinds of toxins and waste congestion are flushed from your body, you're bound to have lower weight (unless you eat like crazy).
"For those who is underweight, lemonade diet will only make you lose your waste & toxins."

I did this lemonade diet for 2 weeks; however it is completely okay to continue this until 30 days. Keep in mind that the minimum length is 10 days in order to have significant effect. However as I have said above, use your common sense. Don't overdo this diet and please take a break after 7 - 10 days!

Do not do the lemonade diet if you're pregnant! It could affect your baby in a harmful way.

It is also advised for the girls to do this lemonade diet after your period.

The lemonade diet recipe actually consist of ....err.. lemonade (yeah, right!) and herbal laxative tea.

You should drink lemonade instead of water throughout the day. Regard the lemonade as water replacement, so drink the usual 8 - 10 glasses a day. The herbal tea must be drunk in the morning and before you go to bed.

The lemonade diet recipe detail is here:
• 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon.
• 2 tablespoons of grade B Maple Syrup.
• Add cayenne pepper according to your preference
• A glass of pure water.

Beware that there is barely 4 tablespoon of lemon juice in the average lemon.

The cayenne pepper is important as it adds a lot of vitamin B and C.

You can do a little improvisation by adding mint tea for a twist of taste and/or lemon skin. Peel the lemon skin and add a little bit to your drink. (The skin may contain artificial color; make sure you peel the yellow skin surface). Mix all the ingredients in a blender (if you use the lemon skin, otherwise just mix them in a glass).

The lemonade diet actually involves a salt water flush drink, where you should drink a mixture of 2 oz of warm spring water with 2 tablespoon of sea salt. It is said that the salt water flush will urge the toxic to get out from your body, however Phil Foundation reckon that you should not consume the Salt water flush.

Here's a quote from the very long article:

"Avoid the salt water flush (SWF) where you are supposed to drink salt water which will then come out a half hour later where solid waste comes out. This is very unhealthy for you. The reason that it passes right through you, without you digesting it, is because it is toxic for you to digest it. This is why many complain that it tastes terrible and makes them feel sick and want to vomit."

The writer of Life Training Online, self development and personal training blog, also wrote that the salt water flush is kind of hard to swallow.

"This salt-water concoction is definitely hard to swallow…literally. It almost came back up again but I managed to force it down."
"Skip this Salt water flush and you won't need to be near a bathroom for 20 minutes except for the fast break."

Hunger will be your main enemy for the first few days. For the first two days, you should not eat anything yet as your body is not prepared for it.

Just by sticking with the lemonade diet, I feel more energy actually in the third day.
If hunger is unbearable, then your choice of consumption should be fresh fruits: banana, watermelon and melon and more fresh water.

Don't eat too much as it can harms your digestive function in this stage.

After finishing the diet, it is advised that you don't eat your normal portion yet. Start small and gradually increase until 80% of your previous portion. Make sure you consume fresh orange juice regularly after the fasting.

Remember to focus to the cleansing of your body instead of weight loss, and weight loss will come naturally.

Read my daily experiences when I was doing this diet.

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