Insert Coffee in Your Pants

Coffee is my life support beverage which I consume daily. Without coffee I just can't seem to face the whole day.

And caffeine addiction is one of the world's biggest addiction beside nicotine. That's also the reason why Starbucks is one of my favorite place to stop by everyday.

90% of the American are believed to be in addiction with caffeine. Seeing how Starbucks soared from its IPO until now justified that fact. And caffeine addiction ran its way to me before even a single Starbucks is opened here. A cup of coffee a day keep my problem away!

However I found this piece of pantyhose product which really go overboard by inserting caffeine in their panties products! They claim that it can reduce cellulite if you wear it for 1 - 4 weeks! Geez.

Caffeine actually has similar effect with cocaine and heroin. They can stimulate our brain so that it releases adrenaline into our body. Adrenaline forces our body to become alert. Which exactly what we need!

But caffeine is also a common ingredient in diet pills. That is why I often felt faster heart beat when I took my diet pills. So by using that logic, Tightsplease released their caffeine panty product, Slim Fit 20!

The panty is embedded with a lot of micro capsules containing caffeine. Tightplease claims that upon wearing, body temperature will cause the caffeine micro capsules to be released. The caffeine is claimed to fight off cellulite, thighs and orange peel effect.

Wow! I have hard time believing it honestly. This is one of the bizarre product that leave me wondering whether anybody really want to try it. Priced approximately at US$53 this product has been claimed to be a worldwide best seller (by the seller of course!). Of course $53 if cheap if you compare it by buying some cups of Starbucks and drench your thighs with them. Compared to this caffeine pant, Hula Chair now seems more reasonable.

This leave me wondering also, how come I did not lose a single weight even though I gobbled two cups of Starbucks everyday. Perhaps I should buy the bean and keep it in my underwear to see if that works! It could save me US$53!

Anybody want to take a look and try it? I'd rather spend my money to make Starbucks richer!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Haha, that's funny. Wouldn't the pantyhose make me smell like coffee?

  2. Theresa said...

    I think I'll put the beans in my socks, at least my feet will smell better. Maybe they are going to claim that they can cure acne with coffee beans next?

  3. Lady Rose said...

    I definitely need my morning coffee - but I don't think I want to "wear" it. LOL But who knows, people buy the oddest things so maybe these panty hose will be a hit.

  4. KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

    hiya! There's also a scene in my primary school days that I will always remember. I have this classmate, who used to drink coffee everyday. Then one day, he didn't get to drink his coffee, and u can see him having watery eyes, sniffing away.. OMG .. and we were like primary 3 or 4 then!! It's just too much! That's y i don't really like kids to drink coffee!

  5. The OE said...

    Oh the things I could tell you about Starbucks if they weren't Classified.

  6. ~Bee Nee~ said...

    I think I'll stick to drinking coffee.

  7. Cherry said...

    Yeah nowadays people will believe anything. Geez, if caffeine makes me thin, what will I be? I drink a lot of coffee everyday!

  8. Stacey said...

    Cellulite? What cellulite!! That's funny, hmmm wonder if I put coffee in my panties it'll firm up my butt and donuts in my bra....would they lift and separate? Had to say it! Liken your blog! ~Stacey

  9. Cherry said...

    Hiya Stacey, I dare say you will if the principle is coffee kill cellulite.

  10. steve said...

    Funny :)

    This is a cool site:

    Tells you how much caffeine you can drink before you kick the bucket..


  11. Cherry said...

    Steve thanks for the website. I love the name. Death by Caffeine. Geez, luckily Starbucks does not have too many outlets here so I can't drink them often.

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