iCrave means specific craving that's addressed to specific foods or drinks.
Being a diet addict, this iCrave can either means bad thing or good thing. Luckily my iCrave right now is pointing to a food that's considered very healthy and nutritious and most importantly, don't bring any pressure to my hard earned waist!

iCrave Sushi and Sashimi!

Unlike the iPhone which was having its launching delayed sometimes ago, my iCrave did not take long to materialize.

I quickly hopped on the nearest sushi bar and ate heartily without any consent of the fat. However iCrave is not the only secret for a healthy life. You have to apply diet principles learned from the Japanese.

The Japanese are the people with lowest obesity rate worldwide. I am sure what comes in our mind when we are asked about what Japanese eat is sushi. Sushi and sashimi are similar,although the latter do not served with rice like the former.

Before you jump out and gobble those deep fried tempuras and chicken, I must warn first that not all Japanese diet are courteous with your waist.

Teriyaki dishes are unacceptable, because the marinade used is high in sugar. And Tempura is of course a NO NO. Tempura is deep fried and you can't tell what oil they're using in various restaurants.

My iCrave Sushi benefit have been explained in my previous post. I would like to add that the nori and rice used in sushi contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

However the secret to Japanese low obesity rate is also explained by the way they live.

You can't expect to inherit typical Japanese low obesity and healthy life if you don't take a leaf out from their book.

So how do I enhance my iCrave with proper Japanese diet to optimize my weight loss?

Here are the Japanese diet principles that you can apply:

Walk more often! Many Japanese don't rely on their car or public cars to do their activities. They do a lot of walking and climbing stairs on their daily activities. Japanese also ride bicycle often, those are good ways to increase the calories output.

Don't eat like a giant! The Japanese serving size is far fewer than the American serving size. You can start reducing your consumption, it may take sometime before your stomach is used to it.

Don't eat until you are full! Eat until you are 80% full.

Consume more fish based foods rather than meat based products.

Eat slowly! Compare the eating speed of a person that uses chopstick versus a person that uses spoon and fork. The chopstick is carefully designed so that you will eat slowly to let your digestion process works effectively. So eat at slower pace no matter how hungry you are.

Apply those principles to your iCrave for Japanese foods and you will notice significant improvement in your overall health and weight.

You are what you eat, and you are what you do.

So by eating and doing above principles you'll get the secret to a long healthy, low obesity life!

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  1. Ian Eltringham said...

    Another great post, I wish I had the time to eat slowly though. Everything is such a rush at the minute. Will look forward to your next post.


  2. shelbi said...

    nice post w/ some common sense ideas. people don't realize how important portion control is in a proper diet.

  3. johno said...

    Sashimi is the best. I live in Japan, so if you want any info on the wonderful food, then let me know:)

  4. Cherry said...

    yes and people eat in a rush nowaday. With only 4 - 8 pieces of sushi or sashimi per servings you can finish your meal in 5 minutes if you are eating fast.

    portion control is important too, luckily in Asia they serve it small.

  5. Anne said...

    I love love sushi! I make sushi myself and OMG... my favorite food is Japaneses.

  6. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Hi Cherry... we are on the same track. I am also a diet, health & fitness freak. I agree with all your comments and suggestions here. Keep up the good posts.


  7. Cherry said...

    You can make it by yourself ? I can't even find the right way to do the rice!

    Thanks Shireen and happy late mother day

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