Grapefruit diet is an old school diet. In fact it is also known as Hollywood diet. This diet can be classified as fad diet along with the cabbage soup diet and lemonade diet.

However staring at the meal plan of the grapefruit diet, I feel that Christmas comes early. This is the first diet in my knowledge who urges us to eat more and more meat! I wish I had tried this diet in the past instead of my modification of cabbage soup diet.

While my diet was a pleasant and successful one but this grapefruit diet looks more pleasant. I doubt the success rate though, considering that the diet does not really set any limit to your food.

The grapefruit is not grape (this is new knowledge for me, honestly). In fact grapefruit is a new fruit (300 years old) from Barbados. The fruit is yellow, large and approximately 13cm in Diameter. Although the fruits are originated from Caribbean but right now the fruits are largely planted in USA.

The grapefruit diet is centered in the low glycemic index of the grapefruit which can speed up body's metabolism to match Paris Hilton's metabolism. With that said, the meals plan of the grapefruit diet requires a large consumption of the grapefruit itself. However you can substitute the grapefruit for grapefruit juice as long as the juice is not sweetened.

Here is the meals plan from grapefruit diet.

You should eat a whole grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice accompanied with traditional English breakfast in the morning. The English breakfast is composed of two eggs and two slices of bacon. The diet states that you could do anything with the breakfast, including frying it.

For lunch eat a whole grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice and salad. You can use ANY dressing that you want for your salad. And if you see that as a huge treat, here comes another one. You can consume any meat that you like in your lunch.

For dinner you should eat salad with any dressing that you want and a grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice. That's not all, you still have to eat meat or fish along with a cup of tea or coffee.

Here are the general rules of the grapefruit diet.

- You must drink eight glasses of water everyday.
- You should not eat in between your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- You must drink or eat the exact amount of grapefruit as listed above.
- The salad, eggs and bacon cannot be substitute for anything else.
- No other drinks are allowed beside 1 cup of coffee, grapefruit and water.
- Eat until you are full.
- Do this diet for twelve days then stop for two days and continue for another 12 days.
- Meat can be fried.
- You can have any mayonnaise, cheese and negative calories foods in your salad or meat.

This diet sure looks like fun ! You can eat any tasty meals that you like with meat! However I doubt the success rate of this diet, since this diet does not enforce strict portion control.

For example, an obese person may overeat during this diet since there's no strict allowance for meals. That person will bound to eat more and more since he/she does not have to get used to eating less. Which means there's no change of attitudes done by this diet. Check out my recommendation to achieve weight loss using modified grapefruit diet meals plan.

Perhaps I can burn off calories better by laughing at this video instead of the diet!

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