Got Milk? The Milk Diet

I have to admit that I am not a fan of milk. But milk is one of the wonder drink ever exist in mankind (the other is Coca Cola :D). Milk is also consumed by animals also since it benefits the body greatly. However if animals can talk they will sure frown at human, since human consume non-human milk during their adult lives.

The taste of milk is somehow a bit too creamy for me. That's a good point since I can enjoy drinking low fat - skimmed milk which has "less milk" taste. For dieters we have been told that over consumption of low fat milk will still cause a bulge in our waist. But as confirmed by Denver dieter, Robin Seaber, low fat milk can actually help a lot in weight loss journey.

This story is old piece of news, roughly two yeas ago. Seaber was chosen to participate in ABC "The View" Weight Loss Journey program. They selected 24 women throughout the country to participate. Seaber was given a personal nutritionist and trainer to regulate her meals and exercises.

There are some new useful diet knowledge to be learn from this competition. I believe it will help me a lot and I think you can't afford not knowing this also!

Nutritionist at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center who was involved in that program, Bonnie Jortberg said that dieters are not used to choose moderate proportion of meals.

It's yes or no, black or white, low fat or fat, low carbs or tons of carbs. While the true secret lies with the gray colour. It's neither black nor white but gray. So Jortberg advised that dieters try to combine the carbohydrates, fat and calories intake in our daily meals.

Another thing I learned is the usage of milk in weight loss. In the program Seaber was asked to drink 24 ounces of milk every 24 hours to lose weight. Seaber did exercises for three times a week and did a healthy balanced eating and she had great result with 24 ounces of milk.

Milk is not a slimming tea. It will not do anything good if we do not enforce a healthy habit to achieve weight loss. But nutritionist claimed that a consumption of low fat milk will help burn off fat. The calcium contained in milk is claimed to help in burning off fat. Of course exercises and good eating plans are still required.

In six weeks Sauber has lost 12 pounds, that's 2 pounds in a week. A healthy rate! So looks like there's no escaping those milk drinking. I won't be drinking 24 ounces in 24 hours for sure. Journal of Young Investigators said that over-consumption of milk products beyond the recommended daily allowance of three 8-oz glasses of milk can disrupt your health. It would be a miracle if I can keep up with one 8-Oz glass everyday so I don't have to worry about over consumption. I should at least start drinking milk regularly!

Source of Sauber Story

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  1. Fa Sy said...

    I used to love drinking milk and having cookies, but I haven't had milk for a long time! I guess the taste grew out of me!

  2. cindy kelly said...

    80% of the adult population doesn't have the enzymes needed for the proper digestion of milk. We stop producing lactase naturally after childhood....because we are not intended to keep drinking milk! It wreaks havoc on our digestive systems and our immune systems (because poorly digested foods cause sensitivities and allergies) I know it tastes good.....but at what price will we continue to consume it??

  3. Cherry said...

    Nice thought Cindy. Well what would be the case with cooked milk ? I mean with milk used in foods?

    Milk is used in a large number of foods nowadays. And I have to say that it tastes very good. Well there's a price for everything I guess.

    Yes Fa sy, however in your country milk can be acquired from other animals beside Cow right? I never taste any milk beside Cow milk.

  4. Frank said...

    seeing that glass of milk is making my stomach queasy...i'm i drink soy milk....

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