Ha! This is the golden question that most people are asking. Beer belly, beer gut, love handles or whatever you call that little lump of fat on your stomach is the most hated fat in the body by most humans.

I am having the same issue now, my little lump of fat there is bigger then I want them to be. But instead of searching for tips online, I decided to chat with a fitness freak friend about it.

And he suggested me to write up these steps that I need to do in order to lose the love handles.

So here are my resolutions to lose the small beer gut here!

1. I will climb to my floor using stairs at the office. It's at the 5th floor and I should manage to do that properly everyday! This means I will pass the chance of meeting someone cute alone in the elevator but since the people at my office sucks then that chance is actually near zero. "This walking exercise is an exercise for a flatter stomach that you can do without wasting a lot of time everyday", my friend said.

2. "As an Asian you are used to clean your plate no matter how much foods are in there". By having this attitude I am letting the restaurant or the foods companies dictate my love handles size! I wrote a lot about the importance of portion control yet sometimes I can't resist eating all the foods that the restaurants gave me. I need to conform to my stomach instead of my plates!

3. Sitting straight instead slumping like a potato couch! Yes, I need to sit straight instead of slumping in my comfortable chair. "By sitting up straight actually your abs muscles are strained in a way, and by sitting up straight you are turning your office slumping hours as fine exercises hours"

4. "You can't lose your beer belly if you are supplying it with regular dose of beer"! Pretty self explanatory! I need to be an antisocial drinker.

5. "Abdominal exercise will shape the muscle in your abs and it can helps hiding away those love handles". The point here is "hiding". Although this exercise cannot make you lose the beer gut, but it's a must. Abs exercises can be done easily at your leisure time so I should get into the habit to do this everyday. Here are the exercises that I should do to shape up my love handles.

Office exercise:
Sit in your chair straight. Make sure your back is firmly against the back of the chair then you put your hands on your thigh and lift your legs alternately. Do this for three sets of ten.

Bedroom exercise #1: Do regular sit up by lying flat on the floor. Then put your hands at the back of your head and bent your knees to make a 120 degrees angle between your thighs and your stomach. Then curl up and lift your shoulders from the floor. Don't use your hands to push your head. Repeat this exercise for three sets of eight.

Bedroom exercise #2: Lie flat on the floor and bring up your legs to make 90 degrees angle between your legs and your stomach. Repeat this for three sets of eight.

6. "Build up muscles in your thighs or arms so that you can lose those love handles faster". The more muscle you have, the merrier. Since your body will needs more calories to maintain those muscles. Which means your body will start using your love handles fat stock to convert into energy.

7. "Do cardio! Strengthening muscles can only take you at a certain level, to destroy the fat you need to burn your extra calories. And that could be done optimally by doing a cardio session". Which means I need to use the treadmill with the cardio workout setting or joining a high impact aerobics class. There's no getting around it and I won't skip anymore classes like I used to.

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  1. zeezee said...

    lets work to the goal of flat abs!!

  2. Cherry said...

    Ain't loving the handles any more !

  3. Coach said...

    Nice and simple. That's the best way to do it!

    (I'm all too familiar with the beer belly...) ;)

  4. Get-Fit said...

    You made me sit up! :D

  5. miester said...

    great work thats is my routine every day its well said simple yet effective. go for flat abs and lose the beer belly...

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