Zone diet can be called as a Celebrities diet. Since a lot of celebrities claimed that they follow the Zone diet and get wonderful result. The Hollywood stars said that Zone Diet can indeed makes our body healthier by regulating our meals nutrition value.

Invented by Dr. Barry Sears, Zone diet quickly gained its fame amongst the celebrities and was soon getting a huge publication in the media.

Zone diet core point is to focus on a balance intake of protein and carbohydrate. Dr. Sears insisted that Zone diet is more of health diet rather than weight loss diet. Although of course weight loss is indeed achievable in this diet. Dr.Sears argues that by composing our meals according to a specific ratio will bring good effect to our body.

However following this diet may prove to be more difficult than I imagine. Since an accurate count of carbohydrates and protein is neccesary then I should really watch my ingredients amount and count it from there. That's why a lot of companies are offering meals delivery service for Zone Dieter. However the cost per day for good zone diet meals is approximately US$40, which is a lot for Asian standard. Even for American standard it's a few dollars above their usual daily meals spending.

The companies that offer Zone Diet delivery gained its customers base amongst the celebrities who obviously don't mind spending much more than $40 per day for meals. I am sure they are ordering a much more expensive package than the $40 one. Cooking the right balanced zone diet foods can be quite a task. Normally most people have difficulty in following this diet consistently. Let's take a closer look and see whether it's feasible to do this diet without spending a lot of money.

Zone diet is centered amongst vegetables, a little fruits, low fat cheese, fish and poultry meat. "Zone" itself is a term for a proper balance. Dr.Sears addreses hormones as important part of body metabolism. Insulin levels should not be too high or too low, and gulcagon levels should not bee to low in order to achieve the Zone diet goal.

When both conditions are met, body will release eicosanoids which have similar effects to aspirin but without all the downside effects.This allows our body to develop our energy intake efficiently and effectively without storing it as fat. Dr.Sears claims that this diet will make a healthier heart and health.

The golden percentage is 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate. Dr.Sears even went further than that and claimed that with this diet we can lose weight permanently, achieve peak physical performance, enhance mental productivity and delay the signs of ageing. However most meals who meet that ratio will be "another" low carbohydrate and high protein meals that includes moderate amounts of fat. Typical meals will include non starchy raw vegetables, protein, a little carbohydrates and olive oils.

But creating the meals itself will be a huge problem unless we resort to foods delivery company to provide us with the foods. Well don't despair yet. Let's take the core advice from Dr.Sears and incorporate it in our daily meals. We don't have to count the exact calories for each meals but let's follow the principle. "Carbohydrates should be lower than protein and fat combined".

To control the insulin level, we need to watch these common carbs foods such as rice, cereals, noodles, pastries, pies, potatoes, pasta, bread, chocolate and sugar. Reduce the amount of carbs foods and consume the fat and protein from fish and poultry based foods. Fish has a good amount of Omega-3 or the good fat as I wrote in this Salmon recipe and sushi.

Well from my point of view, following this diet stritly is not possible. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on this diet then it will be a headache counting all those calories while your children are yelling for fast foods, or your boss is yelling for deadline. Many diets are more easier and feasible to be practised in our daily life. Even the fad diet like lemonade diet or cabbage soup diet is still easier to do if you are looking for quick weight loss.

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