It does not take a trained eye to see that weight discrimination is indeed happening in the workplace area. The price of being fat is becoming more expensive. Probably inflation triggered it. Can you afford being fat in your workplace ?

Appearance and size does matter. Okay most people now agree with it.

But does it REALLY matter so much that it hinders all the mortal beings into judging the real value that a human holds inside?

Many interviewers in a company have of so called “obas” (obese bias) in their mind before they meet applicants. There are so many cases of a wonderful resume get approved but when the employers meet the applicants, the “obas” starts to blur the employers mind. And the wonderful resume now becomes a good resume.

If you have that extra fat in your stomach then you need to have those extra skills and experiences in your resume.

Employers want to avoid an obese person in the office, especially if that person is a woman. That’s becoming a dread for the obese woman applying for a job. Many employers regard that fast food restaurants suit them better. That’s disgusting.

Sondra Solovay in "Tipping the Scales of Justice: Fighting Weight Based Discrimination" studied that 16% of employers confessed that they wouldn't hire an obese woman under any conditions. Another 44% reported they would only hire them under really certain circumstances.

The obese bias (obas) sees obese workers, especially women, lacking of strong will, lazy and having no enough persistence. With this bias, the standard for the obese becomes higher. They have to work harder to gain attention compared to other employees.

Obese candidates are also revealed to likely receive lower salary than their “normal” compatriots. Problems also arise in the daily life aspects. Doctors tend to find sickness that’s based from obesity when obese people turn up to get checked.

This phenomenon is sickening and yet this is another reason why so many people undertake weight loss surgery.

We live in a world where size always and becoming more important. For people who are not having morbid obesity (having Body Mass Index >40) it’s easier to go on diet or exercise.

However for several others, it’s a matter of having surgery or no.

If you’re not having morbid obesity then you should keep up and treats your body right. Pay attention to the calories intake and output.

You can also visit NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance).
They are an organization that fight against this discrimination.

Some diet pills can be life saver, some can threaten your health. Read the researches and reviews for different brands of diet pills.

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