A few entries ago I explained about the nature of cabbages and its use as negative calories food.
"Cabbage acts as a natural diuretic and can helps break away fats."

Being a negative calories ingredient, cabbage looks promising to be a diet meal menu. Hence, the creation of a fad diet called Cabbage soup diet begun taking place.

The inventor of this cabbage soup diet is unknown. However it started gain popularity during the 1980s time. Although several theories said that this diet is strictly for heart disease obese patients, many dieters did not take heed of that fact and still did the cabbage soup diet.

Cabbage soup diet promises 10 pounds of weight loss within a week of diet. It is true that you can lose that amount within a week, however you must take heed of what you exchange in turn of your weight loss.

This cabbage soup diet is categorized as a fad diet. Since the follower of this diet must eat only cabbage soup during the diet period. This diet is harder than the lemonade diet or the master cleanser diet.

The basic principle is, since the cabbage is negative calorie food, then you can eat as much cabbage soup as you want during the diet period. Many dieters are tempted to try this diet because the idea of eating "something" is better than the "drinking lemonade" master cleansing diet. It sounds less hard than the lemonade diet.

The cabbage soup recipe is:

1 head cabbage, clean and chop it.
6 large green onions, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
2 can of tomatoes (dice)
1/2 cup celery, chopped
1 can french onion soup/ or lipton onion soup mix
2 tablespoons brown sugar
salt and pepper
10 cups of water

this make 4 servings.

Just mix all the ingredients with water except the tomatoes in a large kettle. Heat and boil them until all ingredients are tender (approx 90 minutes). Then after 80 minutes, put in the tomatoes and season well using salt, and pepper. You can add water according to your preference.

Day 1: Consume the soup as much as you want, eat only fruits, except banana, and drink tea and water.

Day 2: Only vegetables and soups allowed, no fruits. Eat 1 baked potato during the night.

Day 3: Only vegetables, fruits and soup. Nothing else.

Day 4: Only bananas and cabbage soup.

Day 5: Eat 300 - 500g of beef and cabbage soup.

Day 6: Still the same with day 5.

Day 7: Brown rice, cabbage soup and fruits.

After seeing the ingredients and the meals plan, I can see that this cabbage soup diet is not healthy!

First of all, the main ingredient used here is cabbage. And you are forced to turn into the cabbage whenever you are hungry, the soup ingredients do not provide anything other than cabbage. So you will be lacking nutrition severely here.

Secondly, unlike the lemonade diet, this diet is not designed to detoxified your body. So you are not getting any health benefit in return of your suffering.

Last, There are better 7 days fad diet plans other than this cabbage soup diet. See my modification of the cabbage soup diet here.

By doing the cabbage soup diet, you will lose 10 pounds of weight in a week. However most of it will be water weight. Meaning that you will gain your water back right away after your diet is over. And you want to lose your actual body fat instead of water, don't you ?

And trust me it doesn't taste too good, well at least think of consuming the cabbage soup in a week.Instead of making it a cabbage diet soup, you are better off by mixing the cabbage into a salad. Salad complements my other diet perfectly, and it won't taste as horrible as cabbage soup diet.

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