We see a lot of "low carbs" label being sticked into a snack foods. The companies are hoping that dieting customers, like you and me, will grab their products without hesitation.

Normally people who are on a diet would not dream to touch those fancy snack foods, since everyone is on a diet now, low carbs label can be indeed a sales propeller.

However most companies are not that truthful about the nutrition contained inside their snack foods products. Most of the products labelled "low carbs" or "fat free" do not contain significantly lower calories.

The downside effect is that overweight people tend to consume up to 50 percent more calories when they eat the low fat or low carbs version of the snack foods.

Cornell University studied this effect and convincingly said that should the products are not labelled "fat free" or "low carbs" people won't eat it at all.

Further study showed that normal people actually don't eat "low carbs" version snacks as much as overweight people do. And MOST of the "low carbs" snack foods have only 20% lower calories than the "normal" version.

MSNBC reported that

"Oreo Reduced-Fat cookies have 150 calories for three, just 10 calories less than the full-fat originals.
Weaver's Baked 40% Reduced-Fat crackers are only 20 calories less than the full-fat Weaver's crackers.
And General Mills Reduced Sugar Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal has only 10 fewer calories per 3/4 cup serving than the regular."

The trick of getting the "low carbs" version of snacks is to use different kind of sugar than the "normal" one. Companies replace the sugar with sugar with sugar alcohol.

Sugar alcohols are not sugars or alcohol either. But they have a chemical structure that pretty much resembles sugar in a way, and resembles alcohol in another way. Chemically they are classiffied into carbohydrates. Sugar alcohol are not absorbed and metabolized 100% by your body.

The most commonly used sugar alcohol is the Malitol, which contain scores 53 in glycemic value. Any numbers exceeding 40 are considered high.

With that kind of ingredients plus the tendencies to make overweight people eat more, I think it's time to steer clear of any snack foods. Don't even buy them even if it's only once.

It may sounds boring but salad, low plain yoghurt, sushi and other natural menu are the true really low carbs.

It is very cruel that these labels, which are perceived as good sign by the people are actually a time bomb.
Overweight people stand a danger of overindulging themselves with this "low carbs" label. "low carbs" label justifies our longing of sweet snacks.

Back to nature.

Some diet pills can be life saver, some can threaten your health. Read the researches and reviews for different brands of diet pills.

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  1. zeezee said...

    The moral of the storym if u wanna binge, go for organic stuff =)

    Nice and informative blog, thansk for visiting mine too =)

  2. Susana said...
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