Sushi for the calories nerd

Here’s useful information I gathered for those who’s seeing food as numerical objects measured in calories (calories nerd). Okay, that includes me to the list also. The problem for us the nerd is that we always want to bite into something but most of the time, that ‘something’ will disrupt our diet.

With the recent boom of Japanese restaurant here that offers sushi, I find that the solution is indeed lies on the hand of Japanese. Japanese’s sushi is a simple and healthy food for our diet. It includes seaweed, a little rice, sea food and vegetables. I find that this sushi is a perfect food for the calories nerd. In fact it is also a good food for those with high blood pressure.

Make sure that you choose only the sushi that includes seafood or vegetables as the ingredients. Not those fancy fusion sushi that is mixed with cheese and pasta. Salmon, tuna and eel sushi contain approximately 200 calories per four ounce serving. The number is cut by half if the sushi uses Shrimp and octopus. That’s not including the nutrition that the fish holds, such as: B Vitamins, selenium and Omega 3 acids. Studies has proven that those omega 3 acids actually good for your health.

Don’t forget also that the sushi comes with a Japanese dressing sauce called “wasabi”. This greenish sauce is rich in vitamin C. Sushi also comes in very small portion compared to the Super Size Mc D neighbor. It helps us to get used of small portion of food (heck if the calories nerd are not getting used to it already).

Sushi also served with japanese ginger called 'gari'. This ginger helps with digestion and also fights bacteria.

The raw seafood ingredients used in sushi are considered better than the cooked one. The raw seafood contain enzymes and nutrients that are good to human body. However make sure that the ingredients are really fresh. One way to check is by seeing whether the restaurant is crowded or not. A crowded restaurant is least likely to stock raw seafood for long.

So hop around to the nearest sushi bar and eat heartily.

Try a delicious Salmon Maki and Salmon Avocado Roll.

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