The Paris Hilton's Diet

image from popstarplus

Paris Hilton is definitely not the one who is going to read a diet recipes.

I could not hide my astonishment seeing Paris. In her book "Confessions of a Heiress" she described her method of diet which is called Paris Diet.
She lightheartedly describing the "Paris Diet" as eating as much chocolate as you can, eating popcorn at night, and never take diet pills.

On some occasions, instead of telling a diet secret tips or recipes, she told a story that she stays slim simply because her metabolism is good. Which I think is an understatement her metabolism is super fast if she really eats what she claimed.

She said that she likes chips and pasta and consumes it as much as us.
Here are her three statements:

“I try to be sensible, but I really think each individual should do what suits them. I believe that life is too short to be worrying about diets.”

I bet she never has to become vegetarian and start cooking this recipe neither also eating salad with diet dressings.

“Enjoy life, eat carbs at night if you want. You can always dance the calories off. I’m always on the go and that burns plenty of calories. I’m really lucky that I have a naturally good figure.”

“McDonald’s french fries, but they are just the best so I can’t help it.”

Well perhaps I should get naked in Ibiza and get caught on tape to have her fast metabolism.
For the rest of us diet is compulsory and a way to make life MORE ENJOYABLE.



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